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Jinding si, i have been there, it exists ! Quite noisy though if you wanted do meditation...

There is also a shaolin temple in a big compound by bus 31. Is possible train there on donation.

Seems pretty active members here, would you like we organize something like veget aryan dinner or go temple ?

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I applied for indian visa in guangzhou in 2010 it was quite easy

i would not recommend xiang mai in tai guo which is one vicest plave i ve ever seen, with dark and pestilential waters all around


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Tasty is for you an ethical criteria ? How do u base an ethics on pleasure or being tasty ? For instance, rape is tasty ?

Other questions i not interested to answer. And if u think artificial insemination is ethical, hope is good karma for u in next lives if it is the case.

It is a well know fact that intensive animal farming is an ecological disaster.

I dont know what are the figures in yunnan, but to destroy nature to give water to unnatural farming seems add aberrant practices to aberrant practices (from taurus masturbation for artifical insemination to ungrounded animals)

As some have pointed, i guess is first individuals must make themselves responsible for their consumption, pollution and exploitation.

In termes of animal what is one responsible for: unnatural ownership that can go as far as kind of slavery or torture (battery chicken that these days give national disease) ?

Li Ping fundraiser

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David, i know quite a lot about the pig industry. And it is often very unethical.

I also studied tcm and these kinds of food are often bad for health.