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Thank you both for your comments, thoughts and invitation. As a new venture in China we will look to local distributors. We act on behalf of wineries in France so payment up front (60 day L/C) is a prerequisite for us/them. We organise tastings/marketing, logistics/payments of import taxes (50% in China)etc for them. As they are small independents, we are very flexible on quantities, unlike Metro etc; In Europe we deal direct with bars and hotels now as the minimum quantity problem has now been resolved.

Can't understand why NZs are so expensive in China. Prices are highly competitive in Europe.

Forums > Food & Drink > where to buy good red wine

I've been selling (not the cheapest) french red, white and sparkling wine in Europe for some years, and now been asked to develop in China. Is Kunming a good place to start, or have the metros/walmarts got it well covered?


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