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I've seen the men's rugby team, and it looks very fun, but are there any team sports for ladies out there? Like soccer or something? Would be awesome if it exists, mix of English and Chinese speakers, great way to get fit! Thanks

Forums > Living in Kunming > Any qualified teachers in Kunming?

@misfit... yes! You get it! :)

Seemingly more complicated than rocket science... its little people- not little bits of metal/ chemicals- but an actual life- a human being in your hands that you are responsible for.

If you really know how to teach, young kids can learn fluent English in less than a year. Very happy parents. There's a huge difference.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Any qualified teachers in Kunming?

You either studied and practiced in a classroom for years, learnt about Vygotsky, Piaget, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, AsTTle, Multiple Intelligence Theory, History of Education, Zone of Proximal Development, how to raise EQ, creating highly effective integrated evidence-based lesson plans, used carefully thought out management strategies... all based on evidence through research...

Spent years of being observed by experienced teachers with PhDs...

Or you simply did not. Yes/ no question. That's it. It's just fact. Nobody is on a horse. Don't suggest it was a waste of time- you have no idea... really.

Most schools have English teachers who endlessly hold up flashcards- getting little kids to repeat. Then comes the old flashcard games. It's the same old story and any untrained English-speaking adult can do this. Why? Because China demands more English teachers. It's very common. Don't take offence, this is my observation/ experience.

I know not all teachers use the flashcard thing... surely. Or the old English textbook.

I will agree with you on one thing- obviously if teachers do not update their methods/ continue to study/ practice or lose the heart/motivation to teach, they lose their effectiveness. Teaching has a detrimental effect on any child if done incorrectly.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Any qualified teachers in Kunming?

Woah woah just a simple answer is enough, no need to over-analyse it, yes postgraduate sure... 3-4 years of solid study in the education field, e.g., BAtchg yes native English in any country, no discrimination... Gosh.

If you really want to go down the road of white unskilled people in KM...

Reason is explained: curiosity (and currently doing a study about education in China)... Only met a few teachers from other countries in KM who have a real teaching degree. However, have met a lot of people who are responsible for the education of sometimes hundreds of kids. It's... interesting. I'm interested and quite passionate about anything education related. Not saying I'm special, perfect, or the greatest teacher in the world, or even the only one with higher education in the field of teaching. Yes sadly it's undervalued in China, I once got paid the same amount as some guy from Brazil with no degree, all his kids were saying, "look! I have see-saws!" (Scissors). Or, "my blue bants!" (Pants). He played on his phone during class... It was an expensive private school. Parents have no idea. Hm. Love to change all that though. Qualified English Teachers Unite!!!!!! (Seriously, not a bad idea!)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Any qualified teachers in Kunming?

Just interested in knowing how many English teachers in KM are qualified professional teachers- (3-4 year Bachelor of Teaching degree from a native English speaking country).

Nope I'm not advertising any job! :-)


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I tried not to cry when I went there. 200 dogs trapped... there were about 50-60 dogs in one dark room, the door was closed and the place reeked. Please, please if you live in Kunming and want to buy a dog, please save one of these dogs. If you need more information on how to get there, I will give you the phone numbers.

Positive comment: Good on him. I hope he can make a difference. :-) It's a shame the wild elephant population is dwindling in China, and I hope something can be done. I'm glad there's a park to protect them.



They refuse to send electronic instruments... And made many excuses, e.g., it will break, so we can't send it. Whatever you want to send may get rejected, better to call first


Tangy, peppery flavours, do not miss the mango juice and the mango pancakes!


This zoo gave me an insight into how this country views endangered animals. Watch tigers pace back and forth in concrete cages, wolves shivering in the corner behind bars, and zebras looking for a feed. Yes, you can feed the animals whatever you have in your pockets apparently. If that's not enough, purchase a dying turtle to hang around your neck while you eat a caged chicken burger from McDonalds. Oh but the peacocks have lots of grass and space to walk. It was refreshing to see.