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If anybody can take in any dogs, please please help the ones in Kunming Mother Home Stray Dogs.

There are currently about 200+ poor dogs living in dark, damp, stinky rooms on concrete floors. There are about 50-60 dogs in each small room. I was incredibly saddened to see them living this way.

I'm thinking of solutions- maybe taking in a few at a time, training them, taking them to the vet, cleaning them up and adopting them out at no cost. People can meet them/ pick them up in central Kunming, or I can deliver these pups.

Most of them are small dogs.

If anybody is interested, I can start doing this to help them. Otherwise, they will likely die in this place.

It was really, truly heartbreaking.

I have my own dog, and I know how much joy they bring.


Here are the pictures.

**I know the owners of this place have very very good intentions, but I think they need more help. It is very far away, and the dogs need extra care and support that I'm willing to provide.


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I tried not to cry when I went there. 200 dogs trapped... there were about 50-60 dogs in one dark room, the door was closed and the place reeked. Please, please if you live in Kunming and want to buy a dog, please save one of these dogs. If you need more information on how to get there, I will give you the phone numbers.

Positive comment: Good on him. I hope he can make a difference. :-) It's a shame the wild elephant population is dwindling in China, and I hope something can be done. I'm glad there's a park to protect them.



They refuse to send electronic instruments... And made many excuses, e.g., it will break, so we can't send it. Whatever you want to send may get rejected, better to call first


Tangy, peppery flavours, do not miss the mango juice and the mango pancakes!


This zoo gave me an insight into how this country views endangered animals. Watch tigers pace back and forth in concrete cages, wolves shivering in the corner behind bars, and zebras looking for a feed. Yes, you can feed the animals whatever you have in your pockets apparently. If that's not enough, purchase a dying turtle to hang around your neck while you eat a caged chicken burger from McDonalds. Oh but the peacocks have lots of grass and space to walk. It was refreshing to see.