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Forums > Living in Kunming > Thicker mattresses

I'm selling a thick latex mattress, like new, always been convered, 6 months old, 1800 X 2000 big size :-) :-) it's a brand one, 1200 ONO (less than half price)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Save these dogs!

Thank you MPRin!

Yes a pig is as intelligent as a 3-year-old child. To me, it is also horrible to imagine pigs trapped in darkness their whole lives, I love pigs :'( To consume the flesh of an animal that has suffered means you also digest pain and suffering, it is tainted, I believe. However, sadly, many Chinese dog meat restaurants believe the exact opposite... I hope there comes a day where this does not happen.

My friend who works at Animal Asia, has also seen the whole eating a live monkey brain thing, horrible! They went in to get evidence it was happening, and stop it, they do amazing work.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Save these dogs!

Yes, I'm not sure where to advertise in Kunming, open to suggestions. I will organise an adoption drive for sure. Not sure what their intentions were, but I don't wish to make assumptions. Yes, anything would be better than that place :'(


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I tried not to cry when I went there. 200 dogs trapped... there were about 50-60 dogs in one dark room, the door was closed and the place reeked. Please, please if you live in Kunming and want to buy a dog, please save one of these dogs. If you need more information on how to get there, I will give you the phone numbers.

Positive comment: Good on him. I hope he can make a difference. :-) It's a shame the wild elephant population is dwindling in China, and I hope something can be done. I'm glad there's a park to protect them.



They refuse to send electronic instruments... And made many excuses, e.g., it will break, so we can't send it. Whatever you want to send may get rejected, better to call first


Tangy, peppery flavours, do not miss the mango juice and the mango pancakes!


This zoo gave me an insight into how this country views endangered animals. Watch tigers pace back and forth in concrete cages, wolves shivering in the corner behind bars, and zebras looking for a feed. Yes, you can feed the animals whatever you have in your pockets apparently. If that's not enough, purchase a dying turtle to hang around your neck while you eat a caged chicken burger from McDonalds. Oh but the peacocks have lots of grass and space to walk. It was refreshing to see.