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Forums > Food & Drink > Price and salary development

2 of my brother in law, are working construction in Sichuan, both have a new car and bought a house.

My wife asked about their pay and both of them depending on work and contracts they make about 8k+.

But they work project to project and may also be without work for a bit.

Work safety has changed a lot and they do like their work.

One of them is going to Kunming for a year for a construction contract around Xishan soon.

They aren't foreman, technicians or engineers.

This idea that every and all construction workers are slaves living in poverty and poor conditions is a myth.

Sure there are some but things have gotten better.

Forums > Living in Kunming > modern city life & 'civilization'

Of course every place people are left behind but China is the world champion of doing so.

I once read a quote reading something like socialism is the cruelest form of capitalism.
There is some truth in that.

China being

torn apart by greed for millennia and

having a cruel form of social mannerisms, thus

always bring in trouble and I think that is also why so much greatness came out of it.

But there hasn't been greatness for a long time.

@Alien, more income and more greed just brought more wealth, if you consider that progress? Ethically I think China is stepping back with giant steps.

Forums > Living in Kunming > modern city life & 'civilization'

Most of those cases where the good samaritans were sued are a myth.

There was an article about that issue and it did some digging and all the cases that went to court, were dismissed. Except one case.

I agree that the Chinese judicial and social systems are messed up but not every judge is crazy or stupid.

I blame it on a certain amount of social laziness. Why bother helping if I can just ignore someone dying in the streets.

I would also argue that the socialist maoist idea is what ruined the society already messed up by greed and violence.

Interesting thing is, China has all the resources and philosophies, religions, thinkers to become the most amazing place but it refuses to make any progress for the above reasons.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Am I really in a place that bad?

Of course it is possible to rent an apartment for 700RMB which is the very cheapest I have heard so far, for a room, with outside toilet, shared kitchen.

But do you really think it is reasonable for a family of 3 or 4 to move into a hole like that?

Plus you have to calculate the transportation into your location as well. Is it more expensive to rent for a higher lease or could you safe money having a more expensive lease but have a better public transportation situation?

That puts you in the vicinity of the subway lines and that means the price goes up.

The standard salary for Chinese in basically any untrained job is around 3500RMB in Kunming.

Your friend probably got a bad deal 10 years ago the university pay was already better than that.

Teachers make barely enough money to survive and take their annual vacation.

I mean how many teachers do you know that own property or have cars, or have the funds to properly settle down?

7 years ago I was offered a similar pay I was paid 12 years ago and the offers are still very similar today, especially hourly rates.

Most of the people I know get the same pay, they would have gotten 10 years ago.

So, no Alien, your friends' case, does not explain what most people experience.

I know you love and defend everything China, but please be realistic.

And of course you can also just live in a card box under an overpass, but it isn't exactly an option or the reality for most people.

If you want to check the prices for renting an apartment see the rise in sqm prices, then you would see that my numbers are accurate.


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@ASG91 @Macky
I don't know, if you were involved in the planning.

I have done event-planning at the East coast for 5 years and there are no; 'no-profit', events.

I don't want to sound rude but you should thank Kiara for her comments and in case you were in the team.

Because, she went to the festival.

She is a paying customer, being condescending or defending, is not helpful.

Do you want people to feel sorry for the staff, or not having the perfect event?
Then I can only recommend,....don't do gigs like that.

If you need your customers to feel sorry for the volunteers, that's not very good.

Next time give 'em a sticker 'Volunteer', if you need them to get more sympathy.

Or just invest and pay them, most volunteers are happy to be there and have a few free drinks and their entrance fee covered.

I think you should actually ask Kiara what the exact problems were.

We all know planning gigs isn't easy, but as customers, we have the privilege, to not wanting to hear about it.

If you want to get your festival more famous (and please don't tell me that you don't want it to grow bigger) that would be helpful.

So, I can't let that that stand -what you wrote.

Events in rural China are cheaper than in the city, usually permission is easier to get, especially if the region is not on the grid.

Looking at the pictures I can't see that you did spend loads of money on location, i.e. security.

A few basics;
Usual planning of an event is 6 month to 8 month and that is Beijing-time, including, fire-code, security planning and briefing, harmony-background check of the artist, etc.

And I am sure you guys got a little bit of [well deserved] money. And that is O.K.

What seems to be the issue of Kiara and customers telling about the event, has nothing, to do with money but with planning and managing.

I don't know the prices you charged but I am sure it wasn't cheap and giving people no other choices but all of them these eating [three meals a day] and drinking at your food stall only....I guess there was something falling off the table, financially.

My little advice, split the bar[s] up next time, and away from the food.

It diverts the event-goers, and naturally shortens waiting lines.

So are little snack shops, which you can run or rent and make even more money.

They also divert event-goers.

Separating the booze from beer and soft drinks is a must, especially when understaffed.

People know what they want to buy, they go by the beer, booze, or beverage instinct

That way it is less stress for the volunteers.

An old saying in the field; the bar is more important than the stage.

From what I see and hear, it hasn't been planned very well. Which is alright, I mean it's the second open air festival, so it takes time. But planning is the key, and being overly cost-efficient is not helping.

Let other F&B's in, you make much more and easier money, by renting out stalls and asking for profit share. And you have far less work.

And thus, allow people to get more variety and chose prices and items they like.

The bar only stacks, what is easiest for you to produce, -quickly!

People are very generous when it comes to drink choices at concerts. That way, you don't have to worry about an angry beer mob.

Make it easy for you, to offer mixed and ready-to-go drinks.

Well, even beer you can be put out on the counter for a few minutes.

The gig looks awesome though, and I will go for sure next time, problems fixed, or not. I just really like small gigs.

For me it looks like a great and worthy event to go to, but it suffered the usual, make it cheap and sell it with profit, China-gig.

Throw some money out of the window, you will lose money either way, if you run those festivals like that.
But in the long run, you will only make real profit, and achieve success when the festival grows.

The faster you accept that thought, the sooner you will have success.

P.M. me if you want help, for the next gig. If you guys are really, absolutely non-profit, I will help you for free.

P.S. I know it's difficult to plan events in China, but please, if there is even the tiniest negative comment, take it and live it. It is the result of your planning, so accept it and make it perfect next time.

In the end, congratulations and Good Luck for next year.

i still don't get why anyone would keep bad meat for that long, cooling it storage rent, transportation, blocked storage space etc.

i mean most meats or fish, even deepfrozen store about a year or two,maybe a little more, if you are crazy enough to try.

somebody must have had a long and intimate relation with that meat, to hold onto it for that long.

I am honored that Colin let me (test)read it a few month back. And it was a wonderful read. I actually enjoyed the pace and structure in the beginning, which i think is very helpful, if you don't know him or the other Sal's guys.

the book is witty and very funny at the right spots. I can only recommend it.

If you just want a nice afternoon read, if you want to open a business and get an inside view on how to change and better employment standards and motivation in China, knowing Sal's and Colin better, or reading on how to handle massive tradegy in a rough's a long list.

the onlycrticism it gets from me is, that it is two short. So, Colin i am waiting for the sequel!



The probably most family friendly place. They have a spacious area with toys, crayons and other children entertaining materials around. The owner and the staff always have a little play time for the kids, at least when we were there.

If they would get a little play area for kids, it would get all my votes for favorite 'everything', at the gokunming awards. There is a playground (entrance fee, quite steep). So If you have kids it's the best place to hang out. The owner has a lot of kid treats for kids, organic unsweetened yogurt, etc.

The pizza is great, and could compete with other pizza joints in China. For my taste it's a bit heavy on garlic but, if you let the staff know they will moderate the garlic use.

I can only agree with the other posters. Prices seem steep but when you see the pizza, it makes sense. Portions are huge. I ordered a family pizza for a treat to 15 kids, we still had left overs, and we were all stuffed.

The dough is a bit thicker but the tomato sauce tastes fresh made, and the amount balances the dough thickness. It's always plenty of ingredients on the pizza.

So in total it's a great spot, with good prices and good and healthy varieties. If you are with kids, it is a really good spot. If the staff is busy or the toys are taken, just send your kid to the indoor playground, opposite. Watch them have fun, from the huge glass windows and enjoy a nice draft, or craft beer while munching on your tomato Frisbee.

That's why I am giving it 5 stars.

By coach I ever had and i practiced Wushu at Beijing University of Physical Education and with a few members of the Beijing Wushu Team.

He is sharp, he gets your daily mood and doesn't mind when you scream to heavens when things don't work out in practice.

He has very modern teaching methods and really wants you to progress. He won't just let you repeat every move until you get it yourself.

He offers free trial classes. You won't be dissappointed.