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Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting a motorbike license

You can't sneak in and out with all the camera's that are monitoring things. But I reside outside the second ring road. You cannot even register a motorcycle when your address is within the second ring road. Anyway I sold mine, driving around Kunming was becoming too dangerous. Motorbikes are the lowest in the picking order, mainly driven by farmers and the attitude against them here in KM is not nice (Unless you have a big show-off bike).

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Visa without Huzzle?

Martin4privat in an other thread wants to buy a small business in Kunming. See:
This means a student visa is out of the question.
You will need a proper working visa and those depend on registered capital of your company and things like that.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting a motorbike license

Be aware that there are several different motorbike licences. They differentiate between two wheel and three wheel motorbikes. This means that if you intend to drive with a side car you need the three wheel motorbike licence. Be aware as well that you cannot drive a motorbike inside the second ring road.
As pmort mentioned: The test are done at the test centre where there is a special track and you can take some practise time there on the test motorbikes that are actually extremely worn out mopeds.

You can use your own bike but you cannot legally drive it to there ;-)
The test is not complicated and does not even include a road test (At least not when I did it).

Forums > Living in Kunming > New Schengen visa center to open in Kunming

Theoretically one should enter via the issuing country. In practice they don’t take it that strict but might ask for an itinerary that shows that you will not attempt to stay there (Illegally or as refugee). Just state that your plans have changed since you got the visa or that ticket to the entering country are cheaper then to the issuing country.
Leaving is never a problem.


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