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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Beware neo-nazi pornography laowei

Please read the forum guidelines again below and I have capitalized the relevant words.
The GoKunming Forums exist so that GoKunming users can freely exchange information and discuss topics that are of SUSTAINED RELEVANCE to the community.
Abusive language will be removed at the Moderator's DESCRETION. Please remain respectful at all times.

This is different to “delete immediately”

With respect to “arbitrariness and a double-standard” I am of the point that indeed there can be a need for that. Yes I sometimes troll as well and use hard language but I not more or less from the start like MM or only like JC troll and use abusive language or start threads simply for trolling and to see how much pages of responses my bait will haul in.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Beware neo-nazi pornography laowei

What you say is that we have to give in to trolls because this is the only way we can have frank discussions?
I disagree. A mature institution, being a website like this or a political party or commercial company (or anything else) can only flourish is it can clean up its act and get out the rotten apple(s) because they bring the whole basket of apples down.
MM’s case is not about free speech or a frank discussion. It’s about trolling, planting click-bate and giving him a place for his written diarrhea.


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