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With "freedom-hating morons" you probably mean the freedom to get rich on the expense of others, the freedom not to pay your due taxes, the freedom to pollute, the freedom to deny others to have access to affordable health insurance, the freedom to deny an abortion, the freedom to carry any fire arm, the freedom of Muslims to come into your country, the freedom to gerrymander according to racial and social lines, the freedom to ignore science and avoid Darwinism etc.
Indeed we should all stand up and defend these freedoms.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hijacking the forums

P99 seems to have missed the rise of VOX in Spain. He could have found some friends there but he for financial reasons he stranded in Greece and is now crying his hard out in the dirndl skirts of the Golden Dawn maiden.


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Indeed tripling passengers to 120,000,000 is quite a lot and is more than the largest airport anywhere in the world at this moment. As a hub Kunming is not very suitable either at this moment because of the high fuel prices compared to airports nearer to refineries but when the oil pipeline from Myanmar comes up to steam this might change.

Part of the growth of passenger volumes could be explained by the trend that more and more people nowadays fly and instead of having one longer holiday there is a tendency for more frequent shorter holidays.
A relative working in outbound tourism here is quite busy with flights out of Changshui to tourist destinations which include now as well Sri Lanka. Apparently there are quite some charters now as well going to Siem Reap in Cambodia and Nepal. So part of the growth is not inbound tourism but outbound tourism.
The other trend I see now is that on major routes like Beijing and Shanghai wide body aircrafts are used instead of the single isles ones used before. These require some 3000 metres of runway so cannot land on any of the other airports here in Yunnan.
The Chinese airspace is congested but they are working on modernising the air route system.
Kunming itself might not have too much to offer but one of the largest tourist attractions in Yunnan, that is the Stone Forest, depends on Changshui airport.

Changshui already has two full size runways with a length of 4000 and 4500 metres thus can handle the largest airplanes in the world. Now Changshui is mainly handling single aisle planes (Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 types) which require at this altitude a runway of 2150 metres. So most likely they will add some shorter runways.


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