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It's a bit unclear what you want. What is a bank card?
Master and Visa are credit cards and credit cards will only be issued if you can proof you have a steady income.
My Chinese debit cards (BOC and ICBC) are both UnionPay enabled which means they can be used abroad to get local cash out of the wall.
The basic difference is that with a credit card you basically borrow money from a bank thus the name credit card and they want to be sure you can pay that back. A debit card only allows you to withdraw money you actually deposited at the bank. This is much more secure for banks and therefor it is quite easy to get a debit card. But make sure foreign use of UnionPay is enabled.
Since a debit card is not a credit card it can’t be used for things like renting a vehicle or certain/most (Outside China) internet purchases.

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Thanks for the update and the link to the website but when I use it I al the time get the message "System is busy. Please try again later.".

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dentist in Kunming?

And if you are in the South I can recommend the dentist in Hehong Lu

just one street north of the Aegean shopping centre on Guangfu Lu. The block is called Shi Ji Ban Dao – Ping Guo Gu. The dentist speaks basic English and does not do stupid things or unnecessary work.

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Indeed different species but if you buy "black wheat" in China you will get rye because that is the official word for rye. Black wheat will be "hei xiao mai".


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I largely agree with you that it is not the dog but the owner that is the problem. But you have to realize that there is a correlation between them, like people that buy a Lamborghini are more likely to be involved in a high speed accident than people who buy a QQ.
The problem is that people that, let say, buy a pit bull terrier, usually are not doing so to prove that these are nice family dogs but do so for the reasons why these dogs are forbidden now.

An other point is that certain breeds which where OK before, like for example the various shepherd breeds, for whom I have as well have good experiences, I was allowed to walk a friend's shepherd when only 4 years old, have changed.
Many of these dogs are not any longer what they used to be. This because of unscrupulous breeding for commercial reasons. The nice and friendly shepherd I walked as a 4 year old is not the same as the shepherd my neighbor bought as a status symbol to go with his Cayenne.
For this reason I support banning breeds. Not because of the dogs but because of the owners.

Kidnapping of a dog in our compound occurred yesterday. The dog was lured outside with a ham sausage and then taken off the compound. Security camera's showed all the action even of the kidnapping lady buying the ham sausage in the convenience store next to the compound.
The dog involved was an Akita, which is one of the forbidden dog breeds in Kunming. Apparently there still is a market for these dogs.

When I read the header I thought that is fast because last night the just visited me. Turned out the article is about the previous census ;-)


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