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Good memories of the place also I never was there during Christmas.
Were invited to stay at the church guest accommodation (No guesthouses in those days) and had the local food (Very good) and local wine (Very bad).

The 70 years of support for the upkeep is not quite right. The cemetery was quite neglected during the communist time because it was honouring KMT soldiers. The Yunnan historian Ge Shuwa found it back in a rather neglected state. Since then, as well because of the changed political climate, things have changed; the place is under protection and during the last couple of years the stone engravings have been neatly painted red again. Since a few years the ground contains as well a memorial hall which is one of the better museums of Yunnan that not only tells the story of the battle for Tengchong but as well all about the Chinese Expeditionary Force and the battles to reopen the Burma Road again. In the garden you can find statues of both Stilwell and Chennault brotherly standing next to each other. In reality they hated each others guts.

Higher production of coal based electricity with less coal is due to outfacing of older less efficient coal based generation plants. Next to that there is a reduction of coal use in other applications then electricity generation so percentage wise coal based electricity generation goes up (as a percentage of total coal use).
Geezer might be a mathematician but that does not mean he understands numbers.

Indeed still a lot of China's electricity consumption is coal based. But things are changing. In Yunnan more and more coal based plants are phased out because there is surplus of hydropower. Over the last years enormous amount of wind power generators have been installed and near Dali is one of the biggest solar farms in China.
Changes include as well the use of wind power to create fertiliser.
The other change is that Kunming's traffic has turned into stop-go-stop traffic. Electric propulsion is in this case can be less polluting then fossil fuel driven propulsion. Carbon and NOx emissions per km might be lower in these situations even if the electricity is coal based.


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