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I am not stalking you. I don’t want to and I don’t have to. You are like one of this little attention seeking dogs that constantly walk in front of you and you keep falling over. Like this little dog you have to drop some drops of urine on every thread.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

Describing the tiger’s strategy as “passive-aggressiveness” is on a level that is so far out of whack with reality that I again conclude that dolphin is not only a complete idiot, which he has proven to be again and again on this forum (See below) but the ultimate troll of this platform.
I suggested several months ago that there should be a special section for dolphin (Called dolphin’s corner) on GoKunming and he picked that up. Turned out to be the most boring and down voted part in the entire history of GoKunming and you still didn’t get it.
You brought it up yourself instead of keeping your mouth shut on this topic:
“But I'm sure a few people quit the forum because I said dinosaurs never existed.”
This whole dinosaur thing is so completely ridiculous and I pointed this out to you but you still refer to it. Seriously, how dumb can one be?

Eleven month ago dolphin wrote “I have never actively seeked out friends online, but then again I don’t have many friends”.
Well buddy your way of writing doesn’t help in this respect.
Two months ago dolphin wrote:
“Good news: I will not stick around where I am hated so much.”
Well you are so why are you still here?
Eight days ago dolphin wrote: “On the Internet, I can be an ahole. But it’s just an act. In real life, I’m the nicest guy in the world. But a lot of people still hate me. So who has the problem? Should I go away because people hate me or do other people need to learn to tolerate everyone?”
No dolphin; you ARE an ahole. It is not an act, you are NOT the nicest guy in the world. We are ‘tolerate’ but there are limits.
And if you really think it is an act then question yourself: why do I perform this act?
You (dolphin) writes: “So what is the problem?” Do we really have to explain that to you?
Your statement from eight days ago sounds pretty desperate. Maybe it is time to seek some professional help.

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We are going off topic here and I know I am to blame for that.
For international cuisine you are probably better off at À table :
then at one of the international hotels were the food usually is mediocre and anyway overpriced.


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Indeed tripling passengers to 120,000,000 is quite a lot and is more than the largest airport anywhere in the world at this moment. As a hub Kunming is not very suitable either at this moment because of the high fuel prices compared to airports nearer to refineries but when the oil pipeline from Myanmar comes up to steam this might change.

Part of the growth of passenger volumes could be explained by the trend that more and more people nowadays fly and instead of having one longer holiday there is a tendency for more frequent shorter holidays.
A relative working in outbound tourism here is quite busy with flights out of Changshui to tourist destinations which include now as well Sri Lanka. Apparently there are quite some charters now as well going to Siem Reap in Cambodia and Nepal. So part of the growth is not inbound tourism but outbound tourism.
The other trend I see now is that on major routes like Beijing and Shanghai wide body aircrafts are used instead of the single isles ones used before. These require some 3000 metres of runway so cannot land on any of the other airports here in Yunnan.
The Chinese airspace is congested but they are working on modernising the air route system.
Kunming itself might not have too much to offer but one of the largest tourist attractions in Yunnan, that is the Stone Forest, depends on Changshui airport.


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