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Hi Zingo,
Hard to say because you give very little information.
It would help if you can state why you are invited and for what occasion.
Like other places Kunming is base for a group of scammers targeting foreigners with fake offers for cooperation etc. It is therefore good to read and carefully study the articles on this link:

Forums > Food & Drink > Opening sewn rice bags

Even without pics a good instruction ;-)
When, some time ago, I had finally figured out how to do it, the flour company changed their packaging to an other system without thread. Miss now as well my steady in flow of binding wire.


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Yeb we all know P99 likes Alpha males like Alex Jones and the likes and we are all looking forward to his performance of his rock songs.

For those not familiar with P99 lyrics I like to point you to this earlier work of him called 'Bakery 88'
Oh,....the ciabatta with cheese.
Theres so much cheese on the bread,
(and enough butter too),
that you almost feel guilty being treated with it for 26 yuan.
Its like buying a cheese with some bread.
Excellent place!

Looking back at Yunnan,
its like a miracle something has succeeded like Bakery 88.



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