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Forums > Living in Kunming > An oil refinery factory to be established in Anning

The crude oil that will be processed in Anning is from the pipeline coming from Myanmar (The crude oil is landed there from overseas, mainly Angola, Sudan and Iran*). Parallel to the pipeline runs a natural gas pipeline transporting gas from the Myanmar part of the Andaman Sea. The natural gas will be used for household use and for process energy for the industry (Including the oil industry). Part of the processed crude oil (Petrol and diesel) will be exported to Myanmar in payment for the use of the harbour, pipeline protection (Myanmar army) and other services related to the pipelines in Myanmar and for the natural gas from Myanmar.

The processing of the crude oil will have negative effects on the environment. The only good effect will be if "clean" natural gas will replace coal as process energy in Yunnan.

*] Western restrictions on import of oil from Sudan and Iran makes this oil cheaper on the world market. Using any oil based product in China supports the regimes in these countries.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bicycle Brands, which is better..

I don't want to go into a discussion about what is the best brand. Giant and Merida are regarded as quality brands in China but there is more than that. I personally ride already for 6 years a XDS bike without any problems. Even made it from Kunming to Myanmar via mountain roads on it.

Over the years I have worn out several Chinese bikes. Broken off pedals, steering bar bend due to too thin metal, endless problems with bearings etc. Mind you; I said over the years. Chinese bikes have improved over the years as well. It is still possible to by all kind of crap but don't expect a folding bike of 380 RMB to make it to the corner of the street.

Main thing is to look what is fitted on your bike. All good bikes have Shimano gears. No Shimano = No good.

The best choices are than (Not necessary in that order) Giant, Merida, XDS or a cheaper option Komax.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese driver's license

All information above might per 2013 be outdated.
You might have heard that by the first of January 2013 new traffic regulations come into effect. This means as well that per that date the examination system will be changed. The non Chinese examination (Read; in English) is not ready yet and it is unclear when that will be. This means that examinations will only be in Chinese for the time being.
This means that one still has till the end of this year, well Thursday 27 to do the theoretic examination (Foreigners can only do examinations on Thursdays).
I found out last Monday and did the Motorbike examination yesterday. I passed thus don't have to go for my last shot on the 27th. But it shows that id one is familiar with the material one can do it in a few days.
The examination as it is now means learning all the questions and answers (Even when they are wrong) and is thus more of a memory exercise than a real test to see if you understand the matter. 5 years ago I did the previous test and that was far worse and included having to memorise the whole Chinese traffic code. The examination has thus improved and it is hoped that the next one will be even better and more practical.

The address and phone are still the same but inform thus first if they already do examinations in English before you go there.


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