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Camping Chinese:
All new equipment with all unnecessary gadgets.
Wear facemasks and fingerless gloves.
Spend two hours to put up their tent.

Place their tents all on top of each other.
Ones tent stands they change in to either: slippers with big flowers on them, fluffy animal slippers or high-heels.
Use enormous inflatable mattresses.
Spend an other two hours to take their tent down again.
Leave camping ground as disaster zone.

Forums > Living in Kunming > An oil refinery factory to be established in Anning

The crude oil that will be processed in Anning is from the pipeline coming from Myanmar (The crude oil is landed there from overseas, mainly Angola, Sudan and Iran*). Parallel to the pipeline runs a natural gas pipeline transporting gas from the Myanmar part of the Andaman Sea. The natural gas will be used for household use and for process energy for the industry (Including the oil industry). Part of the processed crude oil (Petrol and diesel) will be exported to Myanmar in payment for the use of the harbour, pipeline protection (Myanmar army) and other services related to the pipelines in Myanmar and for the natural gas from Myanmar.

The processing of the crude oil will have negative effects on the environment. The only good effect will be if "clean" natural gas will replace coal as process energy in Yunnan.

*] Western restrictions on import of oil from Sudan and Iran makes this oil cheaper on the world market. Using any oil based product in China supports the regimes in these countries.


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