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I don't understand where this story is coming from. The building plans for the castle have been cancelled because they didn't get approval to build it. Anyway the place is still a swamp and even with approval it would take years to build. So don't hold your breath.

Forums > Living in Kunming > coming to Kunming next week, need locating a bike motor shop

All business related to motorbikes is concentrated at a compound at Jinma road (金马路) just east of the second ring road. If you dont find it there you will not find it anywhere in Kunming.

New motorbikes are no longer registered in Kunming and this has killed off the motorbike trade. Only bikes that already have a registration in Kunming, thus second hand, are sold. This mainly happens at Qianxing road (前兴路)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese Tourists

Camping Chinese:
All new equipment with all unnecessary gadgets.
Wear facemasks and fingerless gloves.
Spend two hours to put up their tent.

Place their tents all on top of each other.
Ones tent stands they change in to either: slippers with big flowers on them, fluffy animal slippers or high-heels.
Use enormous inflatable mattresses.
Spend an other two hours to take their tent down again.
Leave camping ground as disaster zone.


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Always amazed by these completely out of the blue, totally irrelevant, 100% spam message reacting to an eleven year old article. Do people have nothing better to do (including me reacting to this crap ;-) )
Katie Smith; even the name is a standard nobody.


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