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Indeed different species but if you buy "black wheat" in China you will get rye because that is the official word for rye. Black wheat will be "hei xiao mai".

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There is more behind these import figures. A few % import is not necessary an indication that there is insufficient rice to feed the population.
A small part of the imports are high quality specials like Basmati rice and long grain Thai rice. These are thus luxury imports.
Another part is just standard rice that is imported at very low prices but creates a credit line for the import of luxury products from China like rice for smart phones. The loss on the rice is then compensated by the profit on the sale of these smart phones.
Imported standard rice makes it as well possible to use more of China’s own rice in the lower quality segment as animal food or for the production of alcohol.
So the import of rice is more an indication of luxury then of need.


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Indeed in the dinosaur valley the guys operating the petrol station and shops around it build their own exhibition hall. The Dinosaur Valley Service station is just before the motorway exit to the real site.
The problem with dinosaur remains is that they are frankly quite boring and therefore a lot of exhibitions like to spice things up a bit so their exhibits look a bit more like Jurassic Park.
A good example is both museums here in town. The Yunnan Provincial Museum tries to stick to a more scientific approach and here you see the naked skeletons while the Kunming Museum has plastic Jurassic Park style replicas.
The official Dinosaur Valley exhibition tried to give a good insight into what was found in that valley but found out as well that people where not interested into a heap of dusty bones so they made an amusement park out of it but even that failed.
Dolphins idea that dinosaurs never existed is of course nonsense. The argument, that if they did exist, then one would stumble all the time over them in your vegetable patch is nonsense as well; remains like this can only survive in special conditions and vegetable patches are not one of them (If so then all vegetable patches in China would be knee deep with pig and chicken bones). Dinosaur remains have been found in large quantities in China but they were called dragon bones. The Chinese word for dinosaur is 恐龙 (Kǒnglóng) meaning fearful dragon.

In the west the existence of dinosaurs is far exceeding 1840. Things heated up later with the competition between Sternberg and Brown and indeed large sums of money got involved. In the last 30 years or so dinosaurs got very popular due to movies like Jurassic Park and most museums could only afford a replica. Since hardly any dinosaur is found complete replica bones are used as well for the missing parts.
To give an idea how much money is involved: Trix the tyrannosaurus rex in the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre in Leiden the Netherlands cost 4.3 million euro in 2014. This for a 75 to 80% complete set of bones. It is now on display with 20 to 25% replica bones.
To think that a museum would pay this amount of money plus the cost of displaying it which included building a new wing to the museum for a fake is preposterous and can only happen in the world of conspiracy theorist.

David Wozney falls in the same category as Gavin Menzies; might be a nice book but total fiction and not based on facts. The.kebler.elf theory is as well based on a book (A book of none scientific value) and not on facts.

Also I am not of Siberian descent (But Caucasian) I have far more body hear then the average Chinese. Did you ever wonder why there is hair on your arms on those places which are exposed with short sleeves but there is a clear reduction in hair intensity on the arm parts that are covered by the short sleeve? An explanation might be that the wearing of clothing stops the hair from growing.

Lugu Lake, known to the local people as Motherlake holds special religious significance for the local community. Any form of littering therefore is not acceptable however biodegradable that litter is.


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