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Forums > Living in Kunming > Is there still drought?

Sorry to see people with a very limited experience write comments on this forum. Yes there is plenty of water in Yunnan but mostly in rivers that just passes through. The higher places that are dependent on rainfall, and Kunming is part of that, lack water. Indeed some of it is due to bad planning and wastage but in general there has not been enough water for Kunming but especially for farmers that are dependent on it. When I travelled through the province just before the rain season I was shocked about how dry the countryside was and how low, even dry, the reservoirs are. Even natural lakes have much lower levels and wetlands are drying out. Not only that but the damage caused by wild fires has been enormous.
However; and I think that was the question, the water supply in Kunming is largely back to normal and even when it was restricted it was still manageable for house hold use by filling up some buckets during the supply period. Mind you, I was glad that I was not running a restaurant or something like that during the restricted period.
To put things in perspective. The Kunming water use is about 100 litres/person/day. The bare minimum is 5 litres/person/day (UNHCR Guidelines)
Anyway hardly anybody drinks the water (Also that is quite posible) and one commenly has 18 litres drinking water supplied for a few kuai at home nearly 24/7.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to buy shoes?

Having a complicated size 47 myself I do not even try to look for shoes in Kunming. I have to stock up in Europe and even there it is hard enough (And often made in China).
But one tip that will not help you for your wedding but others living or travelling around these parts of the world.
HANOI. In the center of Hanoi at the back of the "Water puppet teatre" there is a shoe market and some of the shops there sell shoes in large sizes (Mind you not to much choice either but better than Kunming)


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If you had done your homework you could have learned that Matt left some years ago.
His contributions to this forum where always knowledgeable and to the point. Many based on his extensive travelling around Yunnan by bike and public transport. (Strangely we never met at that time because I travelled a lot through Yunnan as well at the time).

Also I don't know him personally; I really doubt that he is a fan of P99. Matt is a scientist and thus will have little time for Alex Jones & David Wozney.
I don't know about his personal finances but he probably had little money to transfer out of China when he left since he spend it all on bus tickets ;-)

The Kunming local government indeed sold off prime locations in the Kunming city centre. This money was used to build new facilities in Chenggong the planned new centre of town.
The property developers where quite willing to buy these old locations because they realised that he shopping public would not go to Chenggong. What changed however is that China does not shop any longer in shopping centres but shops online.
The result of this is a surplus of shopping centres that are only partly finished or never completed (Of which there are several in my neighbourhood). Even in those that are finished sometimes the facilities like elevators and moving stairs, don't work anymore, probably because there is not enough money to pay for them.
Spring city 66 might turn out to be different because it is an office complex as well and at a junction of metro lines.


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