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Forums > Travel Yunnan > residence permits. no longer multi entry?

I have a residence visa and my Business requires that I am travelling in and out of China on a regular base, at least one to two times per month. No problem. I think you have received some false information.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Shipping questions

So far I never sent an instrument out of China, but I had two guitars sent from overseas to China. One was send from the U.S. to China via USPS / China Post and the other one from Germany via DHL / China Post.
Both instruments arrived here in perfect condition. They were packed in the sturdy Gig Bag or in the Hard Case inside a simple carton box, which, however, was filled with material to prevent the cases from moving inside the carton box. I wonder if it would work the other way around as well. Shipping time was in both cases around three weeks. Both shipments came by air with low priority, that's why it took so long. Definetly refrain from sending it as checked luggage. This way I ruined my 12-string guitar, although it was packed in a hard shell case, designed for this purpose.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Problems with China Eastern Airlines

Flying a lot in China, I made a lot of experiences, good and bad, with all airlines. However, it is not always the airline to blame. The ground handling services are often "Outsourced" to the airport services and at least for Kunming airport they have often enough proven to be fully incompetent. It starts with their language capabilities (no English on international check in), not recognizing foreign passports, not knowing the transportation rules for the airline they are serving (luggage allowances, etc.) and ... and ... and... . Generally being a very patient person, recently on a few occasions I simply lost my temper, always on Chinese airports.


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Kunming will not be the same without you! You were one of the first people I met when I came to Kunming and John you were my motivation and inspiration to dedust my guitar and start playing again. Thank you do much for the wonderful shows and the time we spent together. I wish you the best of luck in your new home and I am sure that we meet again. Ralf

I have taken this flight several times as it is the only direct flight to Europe from Kunming. Honestly, I am so happy and relieved that I don't have to use China Eastern any more since I left Kunming and China some months ago for another destination. Not that this incident can not happen with other airlines, but they might react more responsible. China Eastern chapter closed for once and for all.

When I first came to Kunming a little more than 3 years ago it didn't take long until I discovered the Moondog as a perfect hangout to unwind. The neighborhood atmosphere created by Joost and Fried is something that is unique and made the moondog to be a home away from home. I enjoyed every hour that I spent there, but I loved the evenings when I could play music with Joost. Thanks for your friendship, your patience when it didn't work like it should have and for the moondog. Joost, keep on rocking, rock the Netherlands and come back to Kunming. See you soon! Ralf



It is a little too far to get your backery stuff from the "best backery in China" if you are living in Kunming. ;-) Any plans to open a outlet in Kunming?