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Forums > Living in Kunming > Non-smoking bar or dance club WANTED

@ Dazzer: Laws are specially significant when they protect others from harm.

That is why non-smoking laws were created and successfully passed approval, despite having being heavily argued against and opposed by strong lobbies.
The post you mentioned was not an "argument", but instead, a reply directed to TCIexpat. I know my way around logic enough to logically infer without the use of leverages or fallacies, thanks.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Non-smoking bar or dance club WANTED

@ Natsymir:

Ripping the guy's cigarette off his hand is "cruel", yet for a non-smoker having to endure an 11 hour bus trip Kunming-Tenchong with smoke circulating is also not cruel ?

Furthermore, is it still "cruel" to take the action I took when it was politely asked for the person to stop smoking a couple of times?

Keep in mind the law was on my side mind when I did that.

Your "VPN Access example" of a common law infraction cannot be compared to breaking a law that directly and negatively affects ANOTHER PERSON, such as the non-smoking law.

Natsymir, your have the morality and values of a 10 year old.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Non-smoking bar or dance club WANTED

People say anything they want when they are safeguarded, but when out in public it's a different situation.

As Wanderlei Silva once said to Chael Sonnen when they had to share a limo ride to UFC:

-You have respect, you no lose your teeth. (sic)

Non-smokers want to have the right to avoid smoke due to their personal or health issues (allergies/rhinitis) and NOT because they think they are superior to non-smokers.

Their concern is also backed up by law, the message is: respect.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Is Kunming Racist?

I agree with the idea that the chinese schools might have had trouble with the issuing of visas to african countries passport holders in the past.

I wouldn't be so concerned about what chinese people think of you, there will always people who will want to be your friends.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Non-smoking bar or dance club WANTED

@ MODERATOR: please check TICexpats for his conduct on the forum.

@TICexpats: I created a thread hear some suggestions on a smoke free establishment. Smoking under closed public spaces is forbidden by law in all chinese territory.

I don't like the sarcastic tone of your post.
As a non-smoker I will continue to make sure the law stands, I will not leave Yunnan, or China. If you cannot respect the laws of this country, you will end up being deported.

@All:Last week, in a bus from Kunming to Tengchong, I had to personally take the cigarette out of the hand of the reserve bus driver (2 of them alternate shifts) and put it out on the floor. This was after I told him two times to put it out and was ignored. It generated a major commotion in the bus.

@TICexpats, again: Why don't you try smoking near me in an elevator or restaurant. I would enjoy teaching you some respect, boy.


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Well, it's notorious that here in China there are many police officers that dislike westerners.

Just try joining a gym near xiaoximen, you will see some police roided dwarf gangs at your local gym with napoleon complexes giving you an evil eye for being stronger/taller than them.

Those idiots (when in a group) are famous for giving foreign fellas the evil eye.
Rejoice, next time you are having fun at wenling jie or kundu and an unrelated violence thing breaks out, you will be a moving target for those dumb police officers who will fire first, no questions asked ( specially if you have a hot gf).

Nobody cares about the happiness of children, people only want to say: Chinese students are the top MATH students in the world !

Too bad general culture has been declining and seems to have adhered to what Ernest Gombrich used to call "idola quantitatis", the worship of quantities and numbers.

Great, now the guns will arrive in numbers, will be sold by policemen or stolen by criminals and then you and your family will be shot on the crossfire between policemen and criminals.
I can only imagine how happy those young (and old) policemen are to finally have guns as a macho way to compensate for their small winnies.

Just what this city needed. Now we have to walk with a bullet proof vest and pray before we leave our houses.

Mandrake, there is such a card, it can be used for the subway and bus. It is light yellow, and it as a subway and a bus drawing on it. It cost me around 30 RMB and it's rechargeable but if you can even recharge it in stores or markets. I always keep a 200 kuai balance on it.



Call before you go, I went there on thursday and there was no one in there,

I called one of the owners, and they said that they weren't going to open.

I lost my trip, I love the concept of the restaurant, No MSG and etc, but ended up having to pay for a cab ride and getting a growling stomach.

If the same thing happens to you, just go down the road until the road ends and the last 2 story restaurant across the street is very also decent. Order the sweet and sour fish and it also won't have any MSG.


No Bus to Chenggong from the airport, had to go downtown and get a 150 RMB taxi.

I mean isn't this a district of Kunming? Then why not make transportation available?

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