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Forums > Living in Kunming > Non-smoking bar or dance club WANTED

TICexpats, if somebody "hates" smokers, than I agree with you and think this is too much animosity.

I myself have many smoking friends, even amongst the chinese. The thing is that there is mutual respect, they know I don't dig their smoke and don't do it when they're close to me.

Some of my family members also smoke and I got no problem with that.

Having said that, I got personal beef with smoke and the smoking industry because my mother died from smoking related pathologies when I was 24.

That doesn't mean I turned into a radical, I actually enjoyed the movie: Thank you for Smoking, IMHO everyone has the right to do what they want w/ their body (providing they respect others).


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Call before you go, I went there on thursday and there was no one in there,

I called one of the owners, and they said that they weren't going to open.

I lost my trip, I love the concept of the restaurant, No MSG and etc, but ended up having to pay for a cab ride and getting a growling stomach.

If the same thing happens to you, just go down the road until the road ends and the last 2 story restaurant across the street is very also decent. Order the sweet and sour fish and it also won't have any MSG.


No Bus to Chenggong from the airport, had to go downtown and get a 150 RMB taxi.

I mean isn't this a district of Kunming? Then why not make transportation available?

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