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@Alien It's estimated that gluten intolerance has a high prevalence in the European pupulation with one or two cases for every one hundred people in the most affected countries. However, Gluten enteropathy or Celiac disease, is a different, more serious pathology, and one's immune system will attack itself -the gut- whenever gluten is ingested,

but has a lower prevalence, albeit it has been rising steadly. Indeed there are other sauces but when eating out in a

Restaurants it's common when one orders your typical fried meat and rice dish, that a staggering majority will be cooked with black soy sauce, which can be easily verified by noticing the resulting dark meat color,

it is a hidden source of gluten that needs attention.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Food Restrictions

Hello, I'm a doctor and also a celiac. Be very careful when eating out because 99% of all soy sauce has wheat in it, which for me, in tiny amounts, means diarrhea and weeks of reflux. When eating out tell the cook, not the waiter the two magic sentences: Bu fan jiangyou bu fan mian fan, no wheat flour, no sauce.

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@Napoelon/Tigertiger, 1940??? you need to re-check your history. Churchill was elected to the parliament weeks before his 26th birthday and by 1911 as First Lord, Churchill was actively seeking to take part in a Franco-German war as he tried to convince the Cabinet as well as Llyod George to whom he personally confided his desires for the conflict.
George had always opposed and abhorred such a war but Churchill persisted in his internal campaign up to a point where the Fat boy's addresses to the Parliament in favor of a war slowly shifted the opinion of the majority who opposed it, greatly contributing to England's declaration of war.
@Redjon, I reckon you haven't been to England lately, then. The country is turning into a jihab party and it's about to get worse, there are more migrants in England than Mexicans in Texas, which hints at why brexit was even possible.
Back to the discussion Kunming's exclusivity of rental payments in advance, low salaries compared to other cities, and a more precarious rural setting though better now with the subway but still lacking an international city life, is what kept it out of that List, arguably its only advantages are border proximity and low PM 2.5 levels imho.


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Call before you go, I went there on thursday and there was no one in there,

I called one of the owners, and they said that they weren't going to open.

I lost my trip, I love the concept of the restaurant, No MSG and etc, but ended up having to pay for a cab ride and getting a growling stomach.

If the same thing happens to you, just go down the road until the road ends and the last 2 story restaurant across the street is very also decent. Order the sweet and sour fish and it also won't have any MSG.


No Bus to Chenggong from the airport, had to go downtown and get a 150 RMB taxi.

I mean isn't this a district of Kunming? Then why not make transportation available?

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