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Forums > Living in Kunming > Running - Track and Field venue

Hi, does anybody know about track and field venues in Kunming (ideally not too far from city center/green lake/north train station area)? I have heard there's one at the end of Yi Er Yi Da Jie towards Xiao Cai Yuan intersection, and one further up north near University of Finance and Economics. Is there an entrance fee and how much is it?
There's one on Xuefulu, which was mentioned in an old forum here on GoKunming, but it is no longer accessible to the public (I have checked myself and I was politely asked to leave..)
If not, somewhere else suitable for fast-paced running training? Thanks!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average rent of an apartment

One-bedroom apartment near city center/ Wenlinjie and Green lake area: 1700-2100 furnished.

Two-bedroom apartment near city center/ Wenlinjie and Green lake area: 2500-3300 furnished.

Can get something cheaper if you live in the old buildings (but no elevator, low ceilings, less light, old plumbing, ...) or if you leave outside the first ring road. Check out Hong Shan Dong Lu area and North Train Station (Huo Che Bei Zhan), both not far from city center and probably slightly cheaper. If you' re willing to pay a year upfront you might be able to negotiate on the price a bit. 6 months/1 year upfront is usually normal.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Laocai, Vietnam Intel

You could check out Bac Ha,especially if you are there on a Friday,the weekly market is meant to be quite interesting. Minibuses and taxis to Sapa leave outside Lao Cai train station.After crossing the border,you can take a bus or taxi there (they'll try to charge you a lot,but it's a very short ride).You can actually walk there (~30 min if I remember correctly).I don't remember the prices I'm sorry!


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Have been studying at Huayang for a few months now. It's a great school: the staff has always been very helpful and kind, and has assisted me changing my visa and getting a new one. The building is brand new, which means everything is clean and bright - toilets included! (and well, studying in a nice environment helps a lot!). My teacher (Joy) is enthusiastic and her classes are always very interesting: apart from the book, she is designing our lessons according to the topics we are interested in (Chinese culture, philosophy, ...). This is what makes the difference to me from the other language schools in Kunming, it's not just "boya chinese", chengyu and "newspaper reading". I would definitely recommend studying here.