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Re bus routes, you can buy little pamphlets with the bus routes at the north city bus terminus, bei shi qu ba shi zhan. You do have to be able to read Chinese. Vendors sell new editions ea. month.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Temples in Kunming

Tan Hua Si is a public park as well as a temple, not far from Southwest Forestry University. It has an obvious pagoda, easily seen from a bus.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Temples in Kunming

In the last few years, a new White Dragon Temple has been built along Long Quan Lou, the big highway going north to Hei Long Tan. Get off the bus at the Xia Mai Xi stop, look around for the sign pointing up the alley. On the mountain side of the road. I went to look at it when it was being built, and it was built with the traditional timber frame, not reinforced concrete, like many new "old" buildings.


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If lots more people raise coffee, the price sure to drop. In much of the world, coffee is not profitable for this reason.

I suppose farmers can still plant food crops between the coffee trees. Maybe alternating rows of coffee and tea plants would avoid too much boom and bust.

Has anyone tried cacao in Banna?

"Is the living they are trying to make as honest as the people who pay rent ... ?"

Yes. There ought to be more small shi chang and night markets, not less.

"When you are done, pack your shit and head back to the US of A ssholes....."

Pretty much what I think of the anti-vendor, everyone-must-have-a-license-to-breathe sorts.



The beer is good. The food, OK, if you're dying for something Western. Food service is better in the daytime, mamahuhu in the night time.

I haven't stayed in their guesthouse, but I'll guess it's noisy in the night times.


Prague Cafe in Bei Chen Walking Street is Prague III.

There are other branches in Wen Lin Jie and in Lijiang.

I've been a long time customer of the Wen Lin branch.

Both Kunming branches are pleasant places to meet and chat with friends.

The food may not be the cheapest, but the cheapest would be from the street vendors.

I meet and drink coffee with friends at the Wen Lin PC several times weekly, especially since the Yun Joy Cafe is no more.


I've been drinking Beer Lao and coffee here, off and on for some years.

It's always a pleasant place to relax. The food is good as well. Close to cheap hotels and bike rental on Manting Lu, too.