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Forums > Travel Yunnan > How can I book a cheap flight from a place in China to a place outside of China.

Thanks. Yeah, I checked out elong.net. I see they have various discounted flights such as a return from Guangzhou to Kathmandu for just 800 rmb. I can avail of this discount up to next April but when I press on the link, I am taken to a page where the full price is given, no discount. Am I supposed to ring elong.net directly and tell them I want the discounted flight?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > How can I book a cheap flight from a place in China to a place outside of China.


I am applying for a travel visa for China and I have been informed by my Chinese embassy, the Chinese embassy in Ireland, that I need to provide flight booking details for both my trip into China and my trip out of China within 90 days of the issuance of my visa.

I am therefore trying to book a cheap international flight out of China.

Doing a quick search on baidu, flights, even over a short distance, one way, are expensive. For example, these flights on December 1st from Kunming to Luang Prabang, start from 2700 yuan.

Where can I start looking for cheap international flights out of China? I am not flying all the way back to Europe. Just a short distance out of China. I think a flight to Hong Kong or Macao or a city just over the border from China will do. Then, I can provide evidence of this advance booking to my embassy for the purposes of gaining a travel visa.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Is there a scheduled bus service from Gongshan to Deqin?

I've got a map that shows a road that starts from halfway between Gongshan and Bingzhongluo, then winds it way up the mountains between the Nujiang and Lancang rivers and then comes down the other side just north of Yanmen, which, I understand is a very beautiful area with a hundred year old Catholic church and so on.

Perhaps, I can get a minibus?

Also, according to my map, there's a road up along the lancang river. Take the motorway west from Dali, then get off at Wayao on the Lancang river. I don't know if there is public transportation up that way though.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where can I buy a second hand Apple Itouch in Kunming?

Turn right after you reach Yi Er Yi road from Yuantong North Road. Don't cross the road. You'll find a row of second hand computer shops. Actually, I didn't check out Yuan Xi electronic market, off Yuantong North road. I think I'll go today and explore that area. Perhaps, I can find a second hand apple itouch there?

Another piece of equipment I need is a battery to recharge a computer. I can find many places that sell batteries to recharge small devices such as Apple IPhones but none to recharge a computer.


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