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Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Symphony 昆明交响乐团

They performed at the Kunming theater on Qing Nin Lu in the past. They recently joined with Kunming Nie Er Symphony Orchestra was founded in Southwest China's Yunnan Province, and is based on Kunming Symphony Orchestra and Yunnan Provincial Song and Dance Theatre.
Address:49th Beimen Street
It at the middle of the 121 Street,beside the Yunnan University.
Yunnan Song and Dance theatre :
address :49th beimen st.
phone number:0871-5152787

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to buy American stuff

You can get Chinese versions of American products made by the same multinationals at Watson's, Carrefour, Walmart, Metro and sometimes but rarely imported originals. It is usually hit or miss. Than you have the copied or fake products you can find in the small places where you may be over charged for unknown insides.

Bounce sheets may be very hard as few folks use machine clothes dryers here. The softener goes in the washing machine.
A lot of the Chinese version products are fine like Tide and much cheaper.
You can have a care package sent but it usually takes a month or more and You often have to go to the Beijing Lu post office to get it if it is still accessible with subway construction.

As an alternative I have limited amounts of real American products I have brought back to Kunming with me over the years. Irish spring bar soap, lots of cosmetics, some bottles of this or that hair care. I have a lot of skin care products from Ayur Medic Company in Westlake Village California. They are really good high level items unused. Call our office at 361-9557 or email me at

Forums > Living in Kunming > shipping rx to kunming/china

The first rule is that the rules keep changing. In the past I have used Fedex and USPS. Chinese customs wants a form filled out that the shipping company Rep here can fax or email you. Customs has taken a week or two after the package arrives. It has helped to have a copy of the prescription. You should tell them it is for personal use not for resale. If the medication is one of the pain medications like codeine they may check more closely. Of course you can take a chance and just send it.
Some of the USA insurance companies will now allow you to get a five months supply, so you an bring it back with you in your luggage.
A lot of common prescribed medications in America are not available here mainly because they do not use them. Sometimes you an find them in the big east coast cities like Shanghai.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Need Tourism Authority Contact

You could try Kunming Municipal Tourism Bureau at 871-315-5093 or the Kunming Municipal Bureau of Commerce 871-316-6502. Either one might help or send you to someone else. It is very hard to file complaints and get action without a lot of time, effort and detail. The city also has a consumer compliant department but I have no contact information. Note too that all this is in Chinese not English. You will also hear frequently that " it is all a misunderstanding" and that you the foreigner is the one who misunderstood.


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I, an American, was recognized as one of the Zheng He ambassadors. It will be on YNTV tonight 7-17 and tomorrow. Zheng He should be a role model or inspiration for Chinese youth to become the next expolrers of outer space and exploration of the planets.

I would suggest that hundreds of thousands of trees, shrubs and plants were killed by the cold. Air quality and air safety is going to be a real problem in the area without a massive replanting scheme by all. Yes some plants will revive. Some will be finished off by massive over trimming. The continuing cold weather is not helping. What is the government planning to do and how can we help?

I can personally comment on Qiu He. I can honestly say that when I directly asked him for help to stay in Yunnan, five years ago, his staff directed me to the proper city and provincial government staff persons. I gave no bribes. Paid no one anything. Nor was I asked to give any benefits anyone for anything they helped me with to stay in the province. I have never had to pay any government person to stay here in business.

Where might we find or obtain a break out or list of the non-mainland passport holders living in Yunnan by country or other location? We are particularly interested in the general numbers of various westerner nationalities living here.


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