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Forums > Living in Kunming > Internet restrictions - free proxy service

Tor can be quite useful although incredibly slow.

If you have firefox however you can download an extension called Foxyproxy (not sure of the link) which lets you create rules for which pages are opened using Tor so that you dont have to slow down your whole system. Eg, in firefox you can have one tab displaying gokunming without using a proxy and another tab displaying BBC news through the tor proxy.

There are better alternatives but you have to pay for them. For the last month I've been trying out - Its a little pricey but works a lot better and faster than any of the free proxies - it puts all of your internet communication (web browsers, email clients, msn, skype etc) through a virtual private network somewhere in the USA.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Express delivery in Kunming?

DHL are here too, I've used them once. The guy who comes to collect seemed pretty helpful and knowledgable and even spoke a few words of English. I managed to send a package to London within 4 working days.

EMS are ok but would only use them for within mainland China and Hong Kong. Once they leave the greater china area they have to use companies like DHL for the next stage anyway so may as well go with an international courier from the start.

Forums > Living in Kunming > internet?

i just checked out that greatwall broadband site and the top speed is 2M. I'm curious. Have you noticed if its really 2M or if like China Telecom it just says its 2M when its actually less than 512Kb? I think the 2M refers to the speed when checking sites within the Great Firewall.
I'd be really grateful if you could run one or two of the speedtests at and let me know the result.


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I've tried plenty of insects in Yunnan and while they are ok and I will happily eat if needed I don't think they are necessarily the answer to world hunger.

This TED talk by Allan Savory pretty much destroys much of the livestock/greenhouse gas theories. If it works, it would be a far better solution than grains or insects.

my wife posted the pic above of lots of people of dongfeng and it got deleted as inappropriate content - WTF? perhaps they thought it resembled a scene from later in same decade a bit further north-east?

Well perhaps Mr Sichuan People's Congress you'd consider investing in Kunming because the project is worthwhile and you'd get a suitable return on your investment and not because you'll be treated to "entertainment".

Police - don't arrest those pursuing the oldest profession in the world unless you have some way to get them into decent employment. Arrest the party members who think its acceptable to spend tax payers money on "entertainment"!


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