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Forums > Living in Kunming > Is QQ safe for my computer?

The main version of QQ fills your computer with all sorts of junk but the international one (which uses the same protocols so can connect with Chinese users) is safe but only available in English, Japanese and French (no Chinese).

Web QQ is the most safe as it runs QQ in a virtual machine inside your browser (but I believe it only has Chinese GUI).

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Toddler-friendly guesthouse in Dali?

We're going to be going to Dali next week for a few days to visit family. Been there loads of times in the past but not for a couple of years and this will be first time with a child. Can anyone recommend a nice guesthouse in the old town that is toddler-friendly?


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thats interesting. I wonder if they'll lay some data cables at the same time. Right now all data comes in and out of China via Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Therefore to get to Europe from Yunnan it has to go across china, across the pacific, across the US and then across the atlantic making it almost unusable. If they had data pipes going West on the proposed road/rail routes that could speed things up significantly.


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