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Forums > Living in Kunming > Bike Stealing in Kunming

Anonymous, they have been a variety of bikes priced from 100 yuan to 3000 yuan. They've always been locked to a tree or post through the frame. One was stolen while I ate in a restaurant. Two were stolen from officially guarded parking areas.

If you have a good bike here I would suggest you cover up brand stickers, tie some old rags around parts of the frame, don't clean it and always take it into your apartment over night.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bike Stealing in Kunming

The bike thievery in this city is out of control! I have lost 8 bicycles in four years. A friend has lost 7 e-bikes over 3 years. It doesn't seem to matter where you park it, 'official or not'. People offer to sell 'presumably' stolen bikes near the north railway station when you ride past. However I think most of the rampant bike stealing fuels a large operation that sends bikes to other provinces. I would just like to warn people intending on moving to Kunming and buying a bike. Take it into your apartment. Take into your workplace. Don't leave it for more than an hour outside anywhere.


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I saw pelts of big cats being sold at the Guandu Old Town on Monday. The shop owner said they had come from Burma and weren't just dog pelts dyed. They looked pretty genuine.

Can somebody give us a reliable web link to Kunming city's total population. Lonely planet has listed the city as having only 1.1 million which I think is far off the mark and Wikipedia suggest something like 6.5 million people which also seems a bit inaccurate.

On a recent visit to the Bird and Flower market in Kunming, I came across some very exotic looking animals. When I took my camera out too take photos I was told to put it away and go elsewhere. I later checked out the internet for a turtle species that looked really unusual and came up with something on the IUCN endangered list. It could have been a black breasted leaf turtle. I also saw two baby chinese alligators that I'm pretty sure were not for pets but possible human consumption as their meat is thought to be a treatment for cancer.



Mouthwatering pizzas. Easily the best pizza in Kunming especially the Californian Barbecue Chicken. Sitting on the rooftop on a balmy summer evening is fantastic even without much of a view.