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Forums > Living in Kunming > How to bring my pet dog to kunming

Dear all, we are considering on moving to kunming with our pet dog. Wondering if anyone has experience importing their furkids over and how much does it cost? Does kunming have a quarantine at home policy? We are figuring this out and so far hasnt gotten very far so any suggestions would be welcomed. She is 2yrs old and we are travelling from Singapore.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Need help with kunming Passport related matter

Liumingke1234 why do i need a lawyer care to elaborate? Ive not broken any laws just want to know where to update my passport and let them know im coming back in 3 years time. have somethings to take care of in kunming which i need an updated passport for

Forums > Living in Kunming > Need help with kunming Passport related matter

Hello good folks, was wondering if you have a local kunming friend who might give me an idea of how to update my passport and where to do it.

I was born in kunming a local, but ive been living abroad since i was young. its been more than 15 years and im sure my china passport has not been updated in kunming at all.

My permanent residency expires in 3 years time and i plan to visit kunming in a month or so. Should i be getting something done like visiting the china embassy for locals to tell them "hi, im still alive" things like that?

Would love some kind advices please. Locals would say i should be ashamed of myself and i am for not knowing these procedures or legalities in kunming very well.

thanks looking forward to some comments replies and trolls hehe


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