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Forums > Living in Kunming > Yunda ready to move

Yunda already moved a vast majority of their undergrads to Chenggong years ago like the other campuses. Their international programs and students along with research centers and grad programs have until now remained on the old campus. Would be a huge change if they moved the international programs as well...

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kayaking on Nujiang

Try the Chinese website. It's actually up to date and has some other email addresses like [email protected] along with a booking inquiry form. Like I said, more and more of their clientele are Chinese these days so that's the webpage they keep updated I think.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kayaking on Nujiang

Last Descents still has active trips on the Nujiang for sure but I think they have been catering more to Chinese clients as of late, which is why the website is out of date. Great company and people though so contact them directly for sure as Dan recommended.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > organic farms?

Salvador's weekly organic vegetable delivery which we have used for a long time when we are in Kunming does not come from Haobao but another farm in the same area that Colin has set up the program with. They used to use Haobao but he explained switched because they were raising their prices too high. The farm they use now is I believe the same one that grows all of their organic roma tomatoes. If you'd like more info on the farm itself I'd suggest stopping by Sal's and inquiring.

Forums > Food & Drink > Sushi in Kunming or Chenggong?

Peach Taste on the 6th floor of the new Kunming Guangcheng mall at Beijing Lu and Baiyun Lu is quite fantastic for sushi! Very fresh and very well made. My wife and I have been very impressed and became regulars. The place is also always packed so show up early before 6:00 to make a reservation. Sorry don't have the phone number right now.


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Great article and write up Dan! Ever since first visiting Liming in 2007 I knew it would be great for climbing so it's wonderful Mike has put it on the map and spent so much time developing the area. Having gone on two multi-day hikes and another trip with several day hikes out of Liming, I can reiterate that indeed with some gear the possibilities for other hiking and trekking are endless and fantastic. The valley alone is worth the visit, but some of the high mountain areas with alpine lakes and some of the best rhododendron forests anywhere are also very much worth the trip.

Hi Matt,
Mandarin should be able to order it for you, the owner Liu Feng is a casual friend and has special ordered a lot stuff for me but the regular staff don't know how to do this. If you want let me know and I can send you his email offline.

I don't believe I ever actually used the terminology distill in this interview, but it was over a year ago so I may have forgotten. Indeed I recognize wine making is quite different from distillation, though in fact in Cizhong many households partake in both practices and in fact distill liquor both in the traditional method with barley but also with the discarded grape skins and seeds left over from wine making. This makes a pretty powerful baijiu indeed!

It looks like Thai has only reduced flights by one day a week; they're just not flying on Mondays anymore. China Eastern has also increased capacity to two flights per day to BKK instead of one on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. However I'm not necessarily a fan of China Eastern as I know many of us aren't, and what I would really like to see is Thai bring back their old twice weekly service to Chiang Mai, which I used to fly regularly up through 2008 until it was cancelled. China Eastern being the only non-stop option to Chiang Mai for several years now has not been fun, and considering the explosion of Chinese tourists there now I'm surprised Thai hasn't resumed the route, especially since it was the regular Bangkok flight that just made a stop off twice each week...

United has already announced direct service from Chengdu to the US via San Francisco to begin this spring; it would be great to see Kunming added as a non-stop US destination soon as well!


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