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Forums > Living in Kunming > Yunda ready to move

Yunda already moved a vast majority of their undergrads to Chenggong years ago like the other campuses. Their international programs and students along with research centers and grad programs have until now remained on the old campus. Would be a huge change if they moved the international programs as well...

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kayaking on Nujiang

Try the Chinese website. It's actually up to date and has some other email addresses like [email protected] along with a booking inquiry form. Like I said, more and more of their clientele are Chinese these days so that's the webpage they keep updated I think.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kayaking on Nujiang

Last Descents still has active trips on the Nujiang for sure but I think they have been catering more to Chinese clients as of late, which is why the website is out of date. Great company and people though so contact them directly for sure as Dan recommended.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > organic farms?

Salvador's weekly organic vegetable delivery which we have used for a long time when we are in Kunming does not come from Haobao but another farm in the same area that Colin has set up the program with. They used to use Haobao but he explained switched because they were raising their prices too high. The farm they use now is I believe the same one that grows all of their organic roma tomatoes. If you'd like more info on the farm itself I'd suggest stopping by Sal's and inquiring.

Forums > Food & Drink > Sushi in Kunming or Chenggong?

Peach Taste on the 6th floor of the new Kunming Guangcheng mall at Beijing Lu and Baiyun Lu is quite fantastic for sushi! Very fresh and very well made. My wife and I have been very impressed and became regulars. The place is also always packed so show up early before 6:00 to make a reservation. Sorry don't have the phone number right now.


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Been traveling this road for years so great to hear these tunnels will finally be finished to cut down on the travel time. I've been watching the ridiculously slow construction since 2011. When the rest of the new highway was completed around 2012-2013 it already cut the old six hour drive in half to three, so these tunnels should make the whole trip very reasonable.

Just a note, Baima is not actually part of the Meili range and a completely separate mountain though. Baima makes up the Jinsha-Lancang watershed divide while Meili makes up the Lancang-Nu watershed divide.

That photo is on the trail from Yubeng village to the sacred glacial waterfall on Meili Xueshan or Khawa Karpo. It's a day hike from Yubeng, so involves a two night's stay in the village. To get there you need to drive to Xidang village a few hours north of Deqin on the Mekong and then hike about nine hours to Yubeng.

@Flengs, yes lots of info indeed, its a coffee table book in the sense of its size and all the photos, but its very well researched and a very thorough. Mueggler's book is also really excellent with a lot of info about Forrest's expeditions and much more affordable...

Great article and summary of Forrest and his life! Always interesting to see others also writing about the historical French and Swiss presence in today's Cigu and Cizhong.

For some great work on Forrest in tandem with his more well known successor Joseph Rock, check out the excellent historical ethnographic book The Paper Road by Erik Mueggler. A fantastic archival analysis of what these men were like in the field given through the eyes of their local Naxi assistants.

A separate biography on Forrest full of great photos tiled George Forrest Plant Hunter is also a great read. Mandarin Books on Wenhua Xiang sometimes has copies but be warned, it is a large coffee table style book so expensive.


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