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Forums > Food & Drink > Qixi Festival

"Chinese Valentines Day" is this Saturday August 2nd and haven't seen any postings or events listed. Anybody know of any special dinners planned for couples, etc.? Plenty of places to dine out of course, but just wondering if any venues in particular have planned anything special?

Forums > Food & Drink > Mushroom hotpot

Have heard many times about a spectacular all wild mushroom hotpot in Kunming, but not sure of the name or location. There are three such restaurants in the southern part of town posted in the listings but no reviews or descriptions have been given. Any thoughts or recommendations on these or others?

Edit: Found this 2010 article on the Guanshang mushroom district: www.gokunming.com/[...]

Anyone have any particular tips on the abundance of places there to try?

Forums > Food & Drink > Yunnan Wine Grapes?

The Shangri-La Winery get's their grapes from a combination of grapes grown by villagers throughout the upper Lancang and Jinsha valleys in Deqin along with some of their own larger plantations in the same areas. The government is heavily involved with encouraging villagers to grows grapes which is also leading to some negative issues with livelihoods and food security as discussed in my GoKunming interview.

mmkunmingteacher, I would be very interested in learning more about your article and your work since this is a major part of my own research. Feel free to contact me via offline message. I will also actually have an academic article coming out on this topic later this year in a journal on culture and agriculture.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Info Ski or snowboarding centers

There is one ski area just outside Shangri-La with 3 or 4 different runs, though the long steep one has rarely ever been opened. The primary problem is that while the area does get snow it doesn't get that much since winter is the dry season, so snow has to be made. I'm not sure how to find out about the current opening/operating status of the ski area, but it shouldn't be too difficult to locate with a Google search. Turtle Mountain Gear in Shangri-La used to have a good deal going with the ski park where they had discounted tickets with all the gear and would drive people out there, but I don't think they're still doing that these days.

Forums > Food & Drink > Yunnan Wine Grapes?

For sure there is a difference between Yunnan Red and Shangri-La Red, but the French grapes the OP was asking about are almost indeed certainly those grown in Northwest Yunnan in Cizhong in the same general area where Shangri-La Red Wine grapes are grown. I may be mistaken, but I have also never seen any white wine grapes (i.e. Chardonnay) grown anywhere in Deqin up north. The wine company itself is indeed called the Shangri-La Red Wine company, so I'm still not sure what whites you are referencing. I have yet to observe a single village throughout Deqin that grows green grapes for whites.


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I've actually been excited about the idea of a new modern international airport for quite some time but now I'm actually hoping it won't actually open on time as I have a short trip back to Kunming (I'm usually only in Yunnan about six months out of the year, this is a random short visit) of about ten days in March and don't really wan't to deal with traveling to and from the new location twice in such a short time period. If I was around for my typical long term stay it wouldn't bother me so much.


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