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Forums > Living in Kunming > Calling all condo owners....

I feel your pain having been in that situation. When I moved into my last place, first thing i did was check the water pressure as I have lived her awhile and know the problem is common.

A friend of mine had the same problem. They got a little pump installed. Didn't look expensive. About 10cm around x 20 long and was installed via rubber hose running into their instant hot water heater. Was a pain though as it was not an on demand system and noisy. They would just walk over and flip the switch whenever they wanted to take a shower or wash the dishes. Not sure where they got it, but I would imagine that B&Q has such a thing and they have no-haggle installation service or you can DIY depending on what you are dealing with. I had them put in a new insta-hot and was quick and easy.

Forums > Living in Kunming > does anyone have fast internet?

Greg, thanks for the info! China Mobile has a 3G (they call it G3 I dunno why) data only plan. Anyone out there tried it? I had CMobile CDMA data before and it was slow as expected, but highly unstable except for majorly populated areas. It would become total crap on the rim of the city. There coverage map with CDMA was BS because yes you had signal, no you didn't have stable internet. I was wondering if this was the G3 case. Anyone out there tried data only with CMobile or Unicom? Wanna ask before I shell out on a worthless product that only works in my downtown office where I have aDSL anyway

Forums > Living in Kunming > What is wrong with Metro Market?

Metro brought in a german general manager to whip the place into shape over a year ago, and he did. He left for shanghai at the beginning of the year and Metro has been sliding back into its hole ever since. Disapointing

Forums > Living in Kunming > Youtube gone, now facebook?

No facebook, twitter, youtube. Most things with "feeds" or "blog" in the header.

Yahoo.com is sketchy

Amazon.com is blocked due to a new book offering. Not goiing to post the name because I don't want gokunming blocked. You can read all about it on bloomberg.com.



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Comeon bucko and splitopen, 40 kuai outrageous? That's less than in the US(usually $6+), and the second round is half price and it is twice the facility of any place in the US. It has 2 bars and a full restaurant where every other minigolf I have been to has only a bag of chips and a snickers bar for sale. When I went one of the staff kept score for me and gave me tips on getting a hole in one. Food prices are on par with Wei Lin Jie and the staff was quite nice. Its completely new and clean, with perhaps the cleanest bathrooms in Kunming. Sounds like someone has issues since you posted back in november before it was open.

Dosen't sound like you have been there bucko...

No, I don't own the place but I have actually been there... I know it opened in december because they said it opened in december when i went there in december. Just ask Barry


This place is no longer its former glory. The food quality has diminished and the prices increased. I've had 2 food poisoning incidents here, and one at the now closed dong feng xi lu branch. Maybe the health inspectors got to that one.