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Forums > Living in Kunming > Salsa instruction

Hey all,

I have a few people who are wondering if there is Salsa Dancing instruction in Kunming. Any leads are appreciated.


Forums > Living in Kunming > opening restaurant/cafe as a foreigner?

I would start by budgeting in a consultant. There are several consultants here who specialize in this and can handle the paperwork. There are other options such as a FIE(Foreign Investment Enterprise) which may apply to your situation. Legal in and out I don't know.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What don't you like about Kunming?

When I first moved here all the things listed above seemed to jump out and disgust/annoy me. Obviously it wasn't bad enough to make me leave and I would say the same is true for all the above that are still living here. Now I don't even notice the things listed above anymore. I am glad I am still living here. I enjoy getting suprised by strange behavior after almost 5 years i have known Kunming. And if you think the day to day stuff is bad, try starting a business. If you don't like it you can always leave. Lets throw some positives down:

1. Far less fat people. Always the first thing I notice when I visit the states is how the doorways look narrower.
2. Cigarettes, health care, dining out, taxis, and pretty much anything but cars and computers are cheap.
3. There is food for sale everywhere.
4. Many more happy people then anywhere I have lived before.
5. Different minority cultures and foreigners from all over.
6. Night life variety from rietous Kundu, to classy Green Lake, and laid back Wei Lin Jie. There are a ton of parks and now minigolf. Other China cities I have been to seem boring.
7. Run of the mill foreign stuff is new and interesting here.
8. There is always more room on the bus or elevator. If you think its full 10 more people will get on/in.

I am sure I can go on about this for awhile. Only thing I can find wrong is Kunming is changing too fast and Xiaoximen Wal-Mart is insane on a Saturday. Kunming has its own life and grove that is different than anywhere else. I like it! ;)

Forums > Food & Drink > What happened to the Dong Feng Xi Lu Blue Bird?

Closed due to, umm, lack of business. It was getting creepy in there with little maintenance and they have been closing it down section by section this last year. Last time I went there, a Thai shrimp cake put me in the hospital me so that stopped me. The other Blue Bird is still open, but is getting funky too. If you like Thai, I recommend Like Bali or Moonlight Corner. Quality is superior to anything Blue Bird and no hospital trips.


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Comeon bucko and splitopen, 40 kuai outrageous? That's less than in the US(usually $6+), and the second round is half price and it is twice the facility of any place in the US. It has 2 bars and a full restaurant where every other minigolf I have been to has only a bag of chips and a snickers bar for sale. When I went one of the staff kept score for me and gave me tips on getting a hole in one. Food prices are on par with Wei Lin Jie and the staff was quite nice. Its completely new and clean, with perhaps the cleanest bathrooms in Kunming. Sounds like someone has issues since you posted back in november before it was open.

Dosen't sound like you have been there bucko...

No, I don't own the place but I have actually been there... I know it opened in december because they said it opened in december when i went there in december. Just ask Barry


This place is no longer its former glory. The food quality has diminished and the prices increased. I've had 2 food poisoning incidents here, and one at the now closed dong feng xi lu branch. Maybe the health inspectors got to that one.