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Forums > Living in Kunming > Bringing books into China.

I am aware that books can be confiscated over land from Tibet but I was wondering if there was any problem bringing books into China by flight [from India]. Nothing too radical but books that certainly wouldn't be allowed to enter Tibet. Any help would be great

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Travel Practicalities in Myanmar

I browsed through the comments about Myanmar visas and entry points but there's a lack of info about actual costs and availability of hostels etc. Lonely planet says $60 per night...a joke? There are no/little hostels on websites so where do people stay? Is it easy to rock up in any place and get a cheap room or dorm? I was planning to go for 3 weeks to a month but want a proper budget trip. Is 200-300 RMB/day totally unrealistic?

Are ATMs available, how available? Does the 'bring all your money in U.S crisp dollars' rule still apply?

One final thing. I was planning on flying in to Yangon and then seeing the country before leaving over a Thai border. Online it appears you can but has anyone done this recently?
I called the consulate in KM. They told me it should be fine but they also told me it would be fine to cross the Bangladesh border, which is mined and definitely closed to foreigners. Reliable!

Thanks for any info

Forums > Living in Kunming > blind Er Hu busker with wife with no arms

There is a great erhu player that plays most evenings at Cuihu, normally around the south gate but I've seen him at different parts of cuihu. He usually plays with an awful backing CD but he is seriously good. He's often there around 8-9. Certainly has no maffia connections .. haha


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I agree that the government manages water resources badly. But there is a complete lack of awareness from most people (not just in China) that water is a resource that has to be processed and is valuable. I have noticed people taking half an hour+ showers, washing their cars and using way too much water for washing the dishes. You can be certain that the richer families in the richers areas proportionaely use far much water than the older Xiaoqus.

Plus, imagine the loss of face cruising in a dusty BMW..



Went with my girlffriend the other thinking that the pho wouldn't be so authentic. We were both surprised that it really was like Vietnamese pho and with generous amount of beef. Large bowl 25kuai. Another plus is that the place has a really great designand feel to it.