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Forums > Living in Kunming > Children's clothes


When I moved into my new place the landlord left a pretty large sack full of kids clothes. I am looking to get rid of it but think it too much of a waste to throw. It appears to be all girl's clothes aged 8-10 (maybe, I really am not sure) So if anyone is interested please private message me, or maybe someone knows where to donate clothes??

Forums > Living in Kunming > Weird signals..

I'm not into conspiracies but I didn't realise it was that easy to pick up radio signals like that so it was a like surprising.

But i will be wearing tin foil round my head in the future

Forums > Living in Kunming > Weird signals..

So i was lying on my bed with my head near my speakers which are connected to my computer. I suddenly started hearing very quiet voices. After some confusion I realised it was coming from my speakers. At full volume the voices were only audible up close. It was some Chinese radio station. I presumed it must be from a website I visited or a pop-up. But after closing all windows and programmes there was still the transmission. Has anyone experienced this? I can't hear it without putting my ear close but still...why is my computer picking up this signal??
I have a mac, cheap Chinese speakers. I thought it may be an error from my Astrill VPN but the radio is still there when it is closed.

(just listened again..turns out it is a FM99 - a Kunming radio station, but still no idea why I'm receiving it)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Fingerprints?

So i went to the Notary office (the above, mentioned by blobbles) it took 40 minutes to get all the prints done and 150 RMB plus 10RMB for additional copies. Seemed somewhat extortionate and unnecessary. I really can't see why they don't have this facility at the PSB. Presumably it's a money-maker. Anyhow, once back at the PSB I was informed that I would be notified within a month!!! It has to be sent to the court to be approved. If they invest so much effort and time into this bureaucratic nonsense why not have a a database with foreigners on they could easily look up. In fact they do, which shows this is only a money-spinner for some guy who made this policy in September.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Fingerprints?

I have recently been trying to sort out my work visa but came across some problems. The PSB wanted my proof of committing no crimes while in China (I already have the one from my home country). To get the Chinese version you need a set of fingerprints. Bizarrely you cannot make these in the PSB. You should go to a notary office. i couldn't find one despite asking at various police stations. Has anyone done this? How much did it cost?
Any help appreciated


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I agree that the government manages water resources badly. But there is a complete lack of awareness from most people (not just in China) that water is a resource that has to be processed and is valuable. I have noticed people taking half an hour+ showers, washing their cars and using way too much water for washing the dishes. You can be certain that the richer families in the richers areas proportionaely use far much water than the older Xiaoqus.

Plus, imagine the loss of face cruising in a dusty BMW..



Went with my girlffriend the other thinking that the pho wouldn't be so authentic. We were both surprised that it really was like Vietnamese pho and with generous amount of beef. Large bowl 25kuai. Another plus is that the place has a really great designand feel to it.