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Great, thanks for the info guys... either way I have a couple hours in Kunming airport during transit so I should be OK...

I will be going from CQ to Sichuan and Yunnan on my way back to Vientiane, so I will get to see Kunming ;)

Thanks again for advice.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Airpor transit


I am travelling from Vientiane - Kunming, then Kunming - Chongqing. The flights are all in the same day, so I will transit at Kunming.

I read that there is separate terminals in Kunming for international and domestic flights to/from Kunming. Can anyone tell me: once I land at the international terminal, do I still collect my luggage and check-in again for my domestic flight to Chongqing (in the domestic terminal)?

Thanks a lot. Its my first time travelling in China.



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