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Forums > Living in Kunming > Americans who move to China, only to eat nothing but McDonald's.

@Mag & Dai,

2/3 of the entire human population might be a bit high, but among certain groups its probably a reasonable figure. Europeans/Mid-Easterners/some N Asian populations are more likely to struggle getting all their nutrition from a vegan diet as they're adapted to process dairy more so than other groups. Similarly younger kids need higher intakes of protein for brain growth (which can be had from nuts, dairy, etc, but they need to eat quite a bit of them), and people with iron deficiencies (esp. women) have a hard time getting enough iron intake without meat or very tailored supplements and specific vegetarian diets.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Sony stores /PS4 ?

Yan, just make sure to get an HK to China or HK to US style adaptor. I have a PS3 from HK and I could not get the plugs to fit in most Chinese wall sockets/surge protectors. If you're serious about protecting it from potential shock, try to get an adaptor with a fuse in it (most of the mainland power strips are just splitters, with no surge protection).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where for work visa?

Note that if you are applying in HK (and prob Thailand/Vietnam) your paperwork from the employer needs to explicitly say that you will be applying at that location, and not your home country. Last time I wa in HK, numerous people were turned away from the visa processing offices and told to go to the country listed on the forms (usually their home country). HK has become way more stringent than they used to be.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dating Chinese Girls

Again, its not really a witch hunt. Mostly its the case of people living in glass houses throwing bricks. The only reason people even care is because CL (yeah, that's him) /TM/MM/LL go on the forum with some superiority complex, then talks himself in circles asserting his superiority on every front while simultaneously telling everyone how he thinks they should act as "guests" of China.


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@voltaire. "greedy axe of capitalism" is a bit of a misnomer. Most of the damage in China (and the former USSR) was done under state-run initiatives. Providing people in the area with a long-term solution that creates sustainable income without cannabilizing their livelihoods is absolutely a capitalist venture, depending on how you look at it.

I flew out of the old airport and in to the new one this weekend, and there is a stark difference. All the signs are clearly marked in English and Chinese, staff are extremely helpful, everything is laid out logically and in general it is just a pleasure to walk through the gorgeous architecture.

The metro system was a bit less impressive as it actually ran far slower than most cars on the highway next to the track...but I expect things will speed up as the system is broken in. In all fairness, being able to walk down from the airport directly into the metro station is great, and the machines that sell the tickets for the metro system are easy to use. The cars were not bad, but at least for airport line it seemed they skimped on some of the extras (like a durable floor that doesn't show a million stains, handles to hold on to, or signs printed without typos). All in all really amazing to see how far Kunming is reaching.



Slight unrated update here... I was in again and spoke to Sandra's partner, and he agreed there could be a greater selection of items (especially meat/cheese-wise) so he mentioned that several new products would be coming out shortly. So, not to say that dudeson's review was inaccurate (given his description, it's an entirely fair assessment from his experience), but mostly just to report that there should be some things worth going back to try.