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WP in China is a bit hit and miss. You might want to try out Drupal instead. It has a higher learning curve than WP, but it operates very well in China as many Chinese firms/entities use it. If you want a quick demo for getting a Drupal site running, try spinning one up on and seeing if it loads in China. The trick for getting it (or any other CMS) to run in China is to make sure the site installation is not dependent on google services or similar. Lots of WP and Drupal themes use Google Fonts, this causes the sites to not load in China. I've spun up and ran about 10 Drupal sites in China with no problem loading. Feel free to PM me if you need some help.

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@Yankee— what kind of instant? We have an electric one but its terrible. Water slows down to a trickle (literally) and even then it gets to ~45 degrees on a good day. If we turn it up higher, it blows the fuse for all the lights in the apartment.

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@blobbles, Rates of diabetes and deaths related to diabetes are different, as are the percentages in different groups. In western countries the rate for those over 65 is ~25%, making it a bit riskier. Chinese in mainland China also develop diabetes without gaining as much weight (compared to say Europeans) meaning that they may also not be susceptible to some of the other problems that accompany having both obesity and diabetes. Hence, it may not be as "serious" in the PRC (yet) as it is elsewhere.

@Mag, I'm getting it from the research I read/work on. Lots of stuff out there.

@Dai, SLC, UT = Salt Lake City, UT—a place that for some reason MM has on occasion referred to rather disparagingly. Just wanted to clarify that SLC is actually a nice place, great diversity of food, culture, and with a beautiful environment.

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yankee—what was in the original ingredients? There was a pretty awesome place on Xuefulu, and one near the south train station that both seemed pretty authentic when I tried them.

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At the moment, obesity related health problems are much lower in China than in say Europe or North America (diabetes, heart disease) but lung diseases among smokers and non-smokers are much higher in China, as are certain cancers that may be associated with pollution in the food or water, like colorectal cancer. Other mental illnesses are also more common in China than elsewhere, and may potentially be connected to pollution or just overall density in some of the major cities. Those are just a few examples. Generally, many Chinese are healthier than their western counterparts because they are forced to walk way more and their diets are more balanced (even if unpalatable at times for some). That said, life expectancy in general is lower for China, partially because of certain illnesses connected with pollution and living without developed medical care for particular problems that often crop up later in life.


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More direct flights (full ones) that do not require excessive connections as well as flights on smaller aircraft that do not go as fast or so high into the troposphere are actually net advantages to helping combat the negative influences of air travel. And yes, the current form is arguably unsustainable, but advances in aircraft design, fuel efficiency and better logistics are easing the burden somewhat. Telling people not to fly is probably pretty ineffective... most of us got here that way. But telling people to fly smarter and more sustainably might work.

Actually there are quite a few scientists in Kunming who only study the effects of TCM. Baiyao (and most TCM) have active ingredients that actually cause the effect, and a few fillers that have been added over the years that are either inert (as far as tests show) or merely serve some physical function (taste, binding, etc.). Not sure about Baiyao itself, but quite a few other products the company makes are well established and clinically showen to be quite effective complements to typical western-style medical treatments. Some of that may be due to the placebo effect, but testing the chemical compounds on cell-lines has shown some positive effects as well.

Actually, don't get a horse. Chicago, NYC and London of the 19th centuries were cess pools of disease caused by too many horses in an urban atmosphere. The old Brownstones of NYC had raised porches so that there were a few feet of distance from the road level to give a place for the manure to go... oh, and if a horse died, it stayed in the street till it decayed and could be moved. Add to that rampant disease and insanely high amounts of methane (which isn't great for the atmos either....), and well... maybe don't get a horse.

totally irrelevant, but @mmkunmingteacher, actually Salt Lake City proper is pretty awesome. Definitely more of a cultural vibe than you get in some western cities if you know where to look. ; )

I think the author is more making reference to the fact that before the new airport was built, the area up North was well known to have horrendous fog problems but they decided to put the airport in there regardless. The massive delays last year were just the first taste of the kind of problems you get when you put a multi-billion dollar installation in a perhaps less than suitable location (especially as Yunnan Gov. would like to make Kunming the air hub of Southeast Asia).



Slight unrated update here... I was in again and spoke to Sandra's partner, and he agreed there could be a greater selection of items (especially meat/cheese-wise) so he mentioned that several new products would be coming out shortly. So, not to say that dudeson's review was inaccurate (given his description, it's an entirely fair assessment from his experience), but mostly just to report that there should be some things worth going back to try.