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Forums > Living in Kunming > Any non-smoking restaurants?

I went to a vegetarian sichuan style restaurant the other night that I was surprised to find was non-smoking. Can't remember the location, but it might be common around vegetarian restaurants.

Forums > Living in Kunming > getting UK documents legalised

I couldn't figure it for NZ and ended up flying back to hand things in at the embassy myself. For my Australian documents I managed to find a lawyer who offered legalisation as a service. Both options were expensive, slow and problematic, but I think sending things down to a local lawyer will be my choice in the future if I don't have a friend to do it for me.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Successful Z-visa run to HK?

I just did a Z visa run to HK and had no problems. Australian passport which cost HKD 1520 for next day service.

Just make sure you have all the photocopies you need before you go, or take a working Octopus card to pay for the copy machine. It was a little embarrassing and frustrating standing in line watching foreigner after foreigner get to the front and then delay the process trying to beg an Octopus card off the people around them.

As mentioned in other posts, make sure you have HK registered as your consulate of choice on the paperwork or you won't be accepted. They guys at the foreign experts office here were nervous about rejections and didn't really know the consulate's policies, but listed HK "at my own risk" and it worked out fine.

Visa Fee: 310
Visa Rush Fee: 310
Service Fee: 240
Service Rush Fee: 660

Address was 20/F Capital Centre, 151 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, HK. Don't bother going to the address listed on the consulate's website.


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It is worth noting that the park is makes a decent place to stop along the tollway from Kunming to Dali if you are self driving and doesn't require going down the potholed road into LuFeng town.

Having seen the park in full operation though, you don't miss much by most things being closed. Growing up facinated with dinosaurs though, the museum was worthwhile even if it more or less only has Lufengosaurs' on display.



Awesome little bakery. Lots of interesting food. For every Australian out there, the meat pies smelled great, though they weren't ready for eating when I went in. Will definitely be back for those soon.