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Reading this account of the Salvador's group in Thailand is so wonderful. To expand our experiences of culture, sights and sounds is such an important part of what human beings can do. Thanks to the Salvador team for bringing their friends and employees on a mind expanding adventure. Diana

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Mom here -- hey Swedish Guy - the food is awesome! Have you tried the pumpkin soup, omlettes, hamburgers, waffles, pancakes, ice cream, there is a 20 page menu -with so many choices? And yes, the most terrific thing is how these young men have created a great meeting place for people from all parts of the world to eat, talk, be together. Salvador's is a place where young women from all parts of China can learn, make new friends and be part of an international community. This is a place that brings people together for the good.

We need more places like Salvador's around the world.


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Marty and I were called last evening by our son about this frightening ocurrance at Salvador's. Our hearts are with Colin, his partners, and their wonderful, happy staff. We feel quite fortunate that none of them were seriously physically injured. Salvador's has created a true community of good people, from various places and backgrounds who are working together for the benefit of the employees, clients, owners and people of China. This is what we want more of in our world - and they are creatijng it. Our hope is that this violence was an accident or a random act done by someone who is seriously mentally ill. As Colin's parents and residents of Kunming's sister city, Denver, we send our love to all involved. We wish we could be with them to just hold them. For those at Salvador's we hope for their healing and a return to joy and their great work. Diana Flahive


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