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Forums > Living in Kunming > First Halloween in Kunming... What to do?

Might not seem much, but the Nanya shopping mall on Dian Chi Lu (昆明滇池路569) have decorated the place with giant pumpkins and have even built quite a large, temporary house of horrors for kids on the first floor. You can't miss it. There are often performances/markets etc held in and around the mall so i wouldn't be surprised to see something happening on the day itself. The 4th floor is devoted entirely to kids (mostly clothes and toy shops but also play areas [for younger children only]), the 5th floor has a large games arcade, and the 7th floor has a shiny new giant screen cinema that may be playing Monsters University, a popular kids Halloween cartoon showing in many cinema's around KM currently.

Forums > Living in Kunming > looking for bridges

Yes, in order to make your point you refer to another recent thread where you were outed as a simple-minded bigot. Well played!

Anyway, i've made my point and will stop myself being dragged further into your childish nonsense. As Mr Shaw once said: "Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it".

Lesson learned.

Forums > Living in Kunming > looking for bridges

There's a difference between asking valid questions and jumping on other posters that you feel don't meet your specific standards.

Not the first time it's happened is it?[...]

If you want to run your own website, go ahead, instead of bringing your own brand of tedium and obnoxiousness to this one. Wait, you do have a website! Not doing so well eh? Aw. Never mind.

Forums > Living in Kunming > looking for bridges

HFCAMPO, you are not a moderator on this site, you don't own it or play any part in the running of it, and as such, you have no right to tell people what they should or shouldn't be asking on it. It seemed like a valid question to me, and if you have no information on the matter, then please, for the benefit of all of us, don't reply.

The question was asked innocently and without any malice as far as i can see, and it's not up to you to ask WHY he/she asked at all. Quite frankly, that's none of your business.

FYI, there are 24-hour supermarkets all over the UK, and likely the US too, so the question is not 'ridiculous' at all.

Wind your neck in, it's getting really tedious.


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The most depressing thing about Kunming is how amazing the place could be. Imagine being able to swim and fish in Dian Chi. Imagine being able to take boat trips through the city. One of the largest and most scenic freshwater lakes in China: destroyed. Almost 300 km2 of polluted waste water. And now we have a serious drought. It's shameful.

This amazing climate enables the province to grow some amazing fresh produce, from wild mushrooms to tropical fruit, but now people fear eating out because of what they may be ingesting, whether it be gutter oil, pesticides, hormones or fake meat!

The blue skies and the clean air always seemed like a counterbalance for these things, but now even these are degenerating rapidly.

Kunming will eat itself.

Interview: DJ DSK

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Great DJ, always has the dancefloor jumping, quality album too.



Very cool place, obviously well thought out and well designed. Nice not to have to stand in the street to get a little respite like most other bars/clubs in Kunming. I actually like electronic music so no complaints there, but since they have two rooms it would seem like a waste not to use both of them for different genres of music. Bit of indie, hip hop etc downstairs, and electronic upstairs maybe. Would be perfect.


Agree with the previous review. It's 20 kuai for a pretty good pizza. You're already getting a bargain, and if you're that hard up that you don't want to pay an extra 10 kuai or so for a drink, there's a mixian place just a two minute walk up the street.

'We do not have a notice in the cafe forbidding customers from bringing in drinks from outside. We think this is a common courtesy'.

Absolutely. Unfortunately there are many people in Kunming who lack basic manners.