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Forums > Living in Kunming > Trying to buy a dog

We have a local farm dog at home, 云南土狗

have had her since 2004 and so far so good, we are very happy with her. She has been quite low maintenance but with age has become a little snappy around kids visiting our home, but no issue for our own kids or kids that are known to the family. We got her when she was about 5 weeks old and just weaned.

Farm dogs need to be given a very good cleaning and deworming. Check very carefully for insects in the ears and on the skin.
We were able to register her no problems.

Forums > Study > Local K-12 School that accepts foreign students?

Hi JanJal,

Before you opt out of applying for a Finnish passport you should check if you can get your child onto your wife's Hukou, if you can't do that then your kid will be considered as an 'unregistered' citizen and wont get a place in a local school for free anyway or be able to apply for a Chinese passport.

Most people I know that are in your situation apply for the child's foreign passport, the child doesn't need a visa to live in China as the Chinese consider a child with at least one Chinese parents to be Chinese.

Each time you leave China you will need an exit permit for the kid which is easy and quick for your wife to apply for and is shown together with the foreign passport to leave and get back into China.

Parents of foreign kids that I know of pay about 20k rmb a year for a local school, but as your kid would be technically a Chinese citizen, even without a hukou it would probably be cheaper.

Ask your wife to check the cost at a local school near you for reference.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Driving License renewal

You need your current licence, passport, household registration from the police, photos and medical test.

You can get photos near the licence place. Then get your medical test done at the licence center, costs 10rmb last November.

You need to ask at the center about if you miss your deadline for renewing.


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When I called the Water company they told me that Yunlong supplied 40% of the cities water supply. She also told me that they were bringing in water from the east and west of Kunming. I think this issue will last longer than 15 days.

Maybe the police will ask for bigger and heavy guns to combat the more aggressive thieves. So instead of one bullet hitting a public bus it will be several.

Tasers are a much better option as the next step.

Accidental discharge of police gun kills man in Qujing area. The police arrived after lunch without uniforms and in a unplated van....but the report confirms the shooter had not been drinking.

A week or two ago the Zhaotong police killed a truck driver who was protesting against a land compensation case. Over 100 eyewitnesses signed a protest report saying the police did not need to shoot.

So giving guns to Yunnan police has gotten some fast results. If you go by the rapidly decreasing level of compentence and education of officials from central, provincial to county levels then I can only guess that police at the lower levels of the administration arent given much training before they are let loose on the streets with guns.

As a foreigner in China I heard its harder to adopt in China than if you live in Guowailand.

@HFCAMPO if the parents know which orphanage she stayed in before placement then she should visit it. Maybe some of the staff from that time are still there.



when we renovated we took our workmen to B&Q to select materials from their excellent range if samples. Then with that list in hand we went to the construction market near Mingbo bridge and got the same materials at either half or one third of the B&Q price.

It's a good place for window shopping.