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Forums > Living in Kunming > No SIM cards for foreigners?

I don't think this act means foreigners by any means, they just wanted to regulate the market of Sim cards as it used in many illegal activities without knowing who is the owner, so they ask the buyers to have Ids in case of buying new numbers. Foreigner can easily head to the big branches of communication companies holding their passport just as before.

Forums > Study > Yunnan University

They can open your room in your absence and check your stuff.That started to happen with the new administrators of the dorm it was never like this before.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Flat or campus?

Sure live out of the campus as the campus dorm conditions is miserable.If i were you I would not even choose Yunnan university to study Chinese. Almost teachers there unqualified with accents and never speak pure Chinese. Traditional ways of teaching and boring classes.


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Chinese authorities won't let you out without visa in your passport to Vietnam and Myanmar, how can you go to the other side to apply for visa even temporary, no any offices connected to both countries in Chinese side of border. Just for Chinese as it used to be before, never was allowed to a foreigner to cross to Vietnam or Myanmar without Visa.


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