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Everybody, I know what's your opinion.uh.....i'm sincere,but
anyway,thanks for your advice or criticism

Forums > Study > translation help

this is my translation homework,please correct .
Don't delete it please!


Kunming municipal administrative center which is about 20 km away from kuning main city zone located at No.1,jingxiu street, Chengong district. The whole administrative center is composed of 13 buildings, including 10 office buildings,1new district hall, 1general service building, 1 logistics service building and 3400 parking spaces. The administrative units and the public institutions possessing administrative functions totaled 98, over 7000 persons work here.

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wld u pls correct the paragraph below for me,thanks!

Hollo! I am a chinese girl lives in Kunming. I majored in english at college and got a master's degree of education, which enable me to teach and communicate with foreigners.
  If you're a foreigner working or studying in kunming.
  if you want to learn to speak chinese .
  please contact me.I can help u.
  by the way,I also want to practice my oral english by chatting with english native speakers!


You have these ways to contact me:[email protected]

thanks again.


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