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Forums > Study > Welcome to Oral English Club: Kunming

You should probably provide another method of getting in contact with you. Most foreigners don't use QQ. Maybe an e-mail address or phone number. Then you could help them use QQ, hahaha :P

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What exactly are you looking for? Private school? University? Teaching kids, adults, professionals? There are tons of schools in Kunming and 99% of them have no online presence what-so-ever.

Forums > Study > thoughts on study at KCELC?

They did offer a free semester of classes, but what good is that when I've already moved on to another school? I don't feel that the current administration is bad, but I find it awful that they don't want to take responsibility for the mess the previous west campus administration caused. What good is it to call it a branch school when they aren't nearly as good as the main campus.

Forums > Study > thoughts on study at KCELC?

Ok, the short version of the entire story.

I came to Kunming in July, and registered for classes at their west campus. Come August a week before classes start I go to get my schedule, and Loris (the director at that time) said I couldn't take the classes I wanted. I asked for one week to find another school and he refused. I explicitly asked in both English and Chinese, and both times he stated that if I didn't pay tuition he would tell the police to send me home. There was no misunderstanding there, the former director was bad. He said he would contact me later when there were more students and classes would begin. This is where all the confusion starts because I was never informed the west campus closed. I only found out about that later when it was announced they were reopening.

They did not inform me that I could take classes at the main campus. In fact, when I met with the director of the main campus I asked why they didn't contact me. He said they didn't have my phone number or address.

Later in the meeting I provided the phone number for a previous teacher at the west campus. As they could no longer get a hold of the previous director there. When they called she said she sent me a text message to my mobile phone. Which obviously I never received or noticed, or whatever. But if the school is so big that I was on their student visa, then why didn't they find me when I didn't attend any classes?

I also asked the now former teacher of the west campus for a refund when I changed schools and she said no. The current director of the west campus told me they never refund tuition for any reason. Later however, the director of the main campus say that if I had asked him directly for a refund when I changed schools he would have.

I could understand not giving a refund for tuition if I purposely never went to class, but they never scheduled my classes to begin with. At the time I didn't push for a refund because I was under the impression they could force me to go home. So it was fight for a refund in tuition, but risk having to deal with the cost and hassle of leaving the country.

In the end I wonder if the main campus even cares about the quality of their so-called "branch schools." As apparently they think it's OK for a student to pay tuition and never go to class.

I'm currently having my student visa changed. As the director of the main campus said they they "could cause trouble" if I went to the proper authorities to try and get a refund.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Winter Travelling, will it be worth it ?

Which part of Kunming did you wake up in? Everyone was complaining about how cold it was yesterday and half of today. Kunming is OK during the winter when it's sunny, but when it's cloudy it's not so great. Most buildings have terrible windows and no heating.


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If you use more than so much a month they double the rate. I believe the it's 10 "units" where each unit is 10,000 l, but I'm not sure. You can go look at the water bills posted and see that those who use more than 10 units a month are much more than others.

So why don't they test the products at the source, or at least the lake water? I guess speculating is more fun, not to mention safer for the reporters anyways.

The rainy season usually doesn't start until about July or August.

There were a couple of days we ran out of water in the afternoon/evening this month, but it hasn't happened since. I live near Yunnan Yingxia on Chuanjin Lu.

The management said Kunming only has about 50% of the water it needs. I've heard as low as 30%.

The forum looks nice, but could the topics aren't well organised. The main site definitely needs a more organised layout.

Overall the English isn't too bad, but there are some articles that could use an editor. Any reason why you just don't hire an editor?



Cheese tasted great. Much better than other pizza joints.


Excellent salad bar. Hamburgers are usually ok. The fancier dishes were a little lacking.

Giving it a 4 stars for the salad bar. If you were going there for "fine dining" then probably best to go somewhere else.

The store also has some nice imported food(though obviously Metro is cheaper for some things). The freshly baked goods are nice too.


Seems to be pretty hit or miss. First time I went there the pizza and hamburgers were great. 2nd time the pizza was terrible, and the hamburger was ok. 3rd time the pizza was ok, but people were smoking inside by the time we left. Guess the no smoking policy is not enforced.


Not bad. Pretty much what you would expect, but expensive for China.


Expensive, but decent bread. Other places are better, but not bad if you're in a hurry.