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Forums > Living in Kunming > is this happening to you too?

Yahoo has been blocked before, but this time I think it's just terrible DNS service. It's very very slow these days. Try hitting "refresh" and "x" to stop and reload several times. It will load after anywhere from 3 to 10 attempts ;)

As others said, their servers aren't being blocked. It's just their domain not resolving in a timely manner. So if it's something not programmed to try many times then it won't work. Apps usually work because they assume an unstable internet connection.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Police Certificate for Immigration Visa Concern

I looked this morning, and pretty much all the official documents came out this way in China after translation. We ended up getting three "copies" of everything. One to give the the consulate. One to keep in China, and one to take to the US. I think they're also included in the brown bag of stuff we give to immigration upon arrival too. So we'll actually have two of everything in the US.

Forums > Living in Kunming > VPNs being blocked?

I could use ExpressVPN last night. Took 4 or 5 tries though. Generally if you have problems connecting for a long time try disconnecting the modem/router for the internet and reconnecting.

This morning without VPN I couldn't even connect to China Eastern Airlines web page... yeah, go figure. Later in the morning, without VPN, I finally connected after more than a dozen tries.


No results found.


Apparently a journalist interviewed the locals and they were quite confused on why they built an airport there. This area is known to have dense fog every year, and yet they didn't prepare for it... meh.

The only thing more perplexing is the new law to give tickets for running a yellow light (but I guess that completely backfired already)

It's not. It's just blog spam masquerading as news....

So have they rebuilt the library at the local college they declared unsafe to occupy after the earthquake yet?



Cheese tasted great. Much better than other pizza joints.


Excellent salad bar. Hamburgers are usually ok. The fancier dishes were a little lacking.

Giving it a 4 stars for the salad bar. If you were going there for "fine dining" then probably best to go somewhere else.

The store also has some nice imported food(though obviously Metro is cheaper for some things). The freshly baked goods are nice too.


Seems to be pretty hit or miss. First time I went there the pizza and hamburgers were great. 2nd time the pizza was terrible, and the hamburger was ok. 3rd time the pizza was ok, but people were smoking inside by the time we left. Guess the no smoking policy is not enforced.


Not bad. Pretty much what you would expect, but expensive for China.


Expensive, but decent bread. Other places are better, but not bad if you're in a hurry.