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Forums > Living in Kunming > Instruments on planes..and Chinese airlines

thanks for the advice guys! i think i may just buy a ticket for it (no customer service reps are saying a 'yes' to guitar carry-ons). i'm moving there so i've got a lot of my guitar is a custom martin (yeah i'm no django..was given to me as heirloom type gift from my thought was why have it just sitting in a closet at my moms house..but now regretting it). i was given specific instructions not to check it..i assume les pauls and other electrics are much more durable and can withstand the temperature extremes a lot better. i'm afraid the temperatures under the cabin will warp the precision craftsmanship. plus i don't have the lock for the case..extra worry. was thinking non-air mail because of the temperature extremes. well, if you guys have any other pieces of advice, i'd appreciate it!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Instruments on planes..and Chinese airlines

I'm trying to fly to Kunming from South Korea and am having LOTS of trouble finding an airline that will accept my custom, handmade guitar as carry-on.

Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution??? I'm even considering sending it snail mail (and hopefully tracked) just so it doesn't need to be under the plane..or buying it a damn ticket...


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Great article! More like these would be great GoKunming! There are a few people in Yunnan with a tremendous array of knowledge about history, geography, minorities, etc. that I believe a lot of people would be interested in. How about a 'Social Studies' section of GKM?? :) Having recently done a bike trip with Geogramatt, I was amazed at his level of local knowledge! (Sorry Matt for perhaps some unwanted attention!) GKM can be a bastion of 'new' historical information that's difficult to find anywhere. Just a thought ;)

On a side note, there's a great mountain/temple complex southeast of Dali, outside Midu. I believe it's called 水目寺 (Shuimusi, 'water eye temple'). There's tremendous history there but with my limited Chinese, I could only gather that it is/was one of the most popular temples of Yunnan in it's prime, if not the greatest—comparable to Shizhongshan in Shaxi, amongst others. An extremely peaceful mountain, the untouched pine forests around the complex area are home to some very interestingly formed 1000+ year old trees. It definitely deserves the respect given to it by locals and the old monks that once inhabited it as a zen mountain. If you have access to a car, it's worth the side trip from the tourist frenzy of Dali.



Wang, I live on Jianshe Lu. Any chance of delivery there? If not, perhaps you can do just weekend delivery to center? Seems like many are interested in having your delivery outside the north :)


I'd have to second tommann's review. I stayed there last month after not being able to find a room at other guesthouses. I thought it was supposed to have a decent review from Lonely Planet, but maybe that was quite some time ago.

I think I had to pay 120 kuai for a low quality room (plywood 'riser' with cheap mattress..I've slept on futons with better mattresses).

Worst of all were the 'bathrooms'. The toilets were separated by nothing more than a sheet. The showers (both rooms I stayed in there) had mildew ALL over them. Typical Yunnan cleaning job ('if it gets wet, it's clean!').

The courtyard was OK, the dogs sweet but very smelly when I was there (not very inviting for a guesthouse seeing they were huge St. Bernards), and staff were OK...the only reason I gave it at least a star.

As for the rooms, they'd probably get a negative rating for the price..awful!


FYI, google has re-named the restaurant: "El Salvador". Viva El Salvador for it's Brooklyn Brewery beers and Mexican breakfast! (Is it possible to get better meat for burgers though? Would kill for a good burger on wenlin..)


Always have the yellow curry, my gf gets the tomyumgoong and we get veggies, etc. on side. Never disappoints to have a meal here. I love Thai food and the other 'classy' thai restaurants aren't really something I wanna try for over-priced thai food which i can get close to at home.

This is an affordable, relatively good Thai Kunming! True the green curry was disappointing (I had it when I first went, tried the yellow and have never gone back), but other dishes are good enough to redeem this place. I'm actually surprised at the bad review about the tomyumgoong as I am shocked at how well they can do it (though have had an off one or two) but in general has excellent flavor, kick and a decent amount of prawns usually..good lemongrass, galangal, chili mix that is quintessential Thai! I almost get it over the curry..but I'm a curry guy! The papaya salad is pretty authentic too (hard to mess that one up).

The food gets 4 stars (are some lackluster dishes) but just for BEING in Kunming and not trying to be some high-end, swanky event to have a decent curry, this place gets a tremendously well-deserved 5 stars from me..oh, and the guy agreed to deliver to my new apartment which is out of his 'delivery zone'..6 stars for that! Green Lake area, beware that these guys deliver! ;)


It seems all 'educatedman' can do is go to places and be a sully silly (3 reviews, 1 star total! haha). How did you get your 'education', man—in your mommy's lap with a silver spoon??

O'Reily's definitely has the best burger in Kunming; the best draft beer/Belgian beers in Kunming; very kind staff/owners; best sports selection; great (free) pool table. What else could you want from a 'Irish' sports bar—a leprechaun??

Perhaps 'educatedman' could find a leprechaun, get him a working visa and supply him the investment to open up a REAL Irish bar in he won't have bother GOK readers with his negativity! If you could look outside your ego 'educatedman', you'd notice that you're not in Ireland, BUT IN SW CHINA!!

GOK, please consider canceling an account so that all places local expats enjoy don't get trashed by an uneducated boy...