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Someone mentioned reckless driving. But actually I don't think Chinese driving habits are that bad at all. Only slightly worse than in UK, and slightly better than Italy.

If you have ever been to India or Sri Lanka then you will know the meaning of reckless driving.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kindly remind: be careful your words in public for

It's strange how most mainland Chinese people have this weird thing about criticism from foreigners. It's like a phobia or something, they just go mad with indignation whenever a foreigner says something potentially negative about China. Marcuschen, I noticed almost all of your posts on this forum are reactions to some perceived insult to your people. And it's obvious that it was you who posted this thread. I don't understand why it bothers you so much, why are you so disturbed by foreigners talking about China? Do you hate us that much?

I am not bothered at all about Chinese people in my country who criticize my country. I am sure there are also Chinese language forums like this one for overseas Chinese and I'm sure people write all kinds of criticisms about their host country, sometimes reasonable sometimes unreasonable, but as far as I'm concerned they are welcome to do this because I know how it is to live in a foreign country. Sometimes you just need to complain about things which you aren't used to. Within certain bounds of course.

Imagine if I went onto a Chinese language expat forum and wrote "You Chinese must respect your host country and not talk about the government otherwise you will be thrown out of the country". How do you think these Chinese people would feel about this? Of course they would feel unwelcome, and they'd probably think (rightly) that I'm an asshole.

What you have written about it being illegal to criticise the government and even (laughingly) Chinese culture is, as you know, a complete load of bull. I hear Chinese people criticise the government and China ALL the time. What bothers you is not the criticism, it's the fact that it's coming from foreigners. I will ask you a genuine question - why does this bother you so much, whereas I am not in the least bit bothered about Chinese people making reasonable criticism about my own government or country? I have my own ideas about why this is the case, but I would really like to hear your opinion about why you and I are so different on this point.


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