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It's so true that one of the reasons I don't perform that well in Chinese is that when I am trying my darnedest to speak as correctly as I can, I still get criticized and this is a serious deterrent for me...I guess my skin is too thin! And I do just love the comments about looking so much better than I did yesterday!!! That's a real backhanded comment.

Even a parent will sit in front of me and tear a strip off their older child...and never think it's rude or unhealthy.

Well to get back to subject of this post, I will try another method to learn because I am not doing well as an auditory learner and this that I need more visuals to get my head around it. I know that teaching english books like Side by Side offer a more Western approach to learning English with a lot of visuals and I think that on further analysis, this is what I need too to learn Chinese. There was a very interesting link to that I will investigate further.

Forums > Study > Advice About Learning Chinese

Zhudan Everything you said applies to me, my learning style, my not being able to accept criticism except that I am very social and like to talk to people. So I will continue to try harder to speak, and go back to Chinese Pod someone else mentioned. I like it! And to Vicar, that

Forums > Study > Advice About Learning Chinese

Perhaps you have a similar problem with learning to speak Chinese but have conquered it - I still can't make good sentences although I have a large vocabulary. My previous teacher was amazing and taught me the way I learn. He was kind, praised me well (not critical), and didn't believe that rote memorization would be helpful for me. Joining a school/class doesn't work for me. In the past I haven't had enough time in my schedule to study myself but I do now. Do you have some suggestions that might be helpful for me?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Jewish and kosher connectiions in Kunming

No synagogue or organized congregation here. The closest are Chabads in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. No kosher places or kosher food in Kunming. To place Kosher or Passover orders your best bet is Chabad Beijing (not sure if that's the correct name). They sell a wide variety of kosher products. There is also a Conservative Congregation in Beijing, Kehillat Beijing. As for kosher or parve food products, Carrefour and Metro in KMG have some that are well-labelled but no products together. Ordering specific products and brands on can be successful. Hope this helps.

Forums > Food & Drink > Just what exactly is Yunnan cuisine?

Geezer, thanks for acknowledging my first book!

The characteristics of Yunnan Cuisine are what fascinated me enough to write my second, the Roz Weitzman's World of Yunnan Cuisine cookbook:
- Variety of ingredients not available in other provinces (or in only a few)
- Unusual combinations of ingredients and tastes, along with different cooking methods
- Many wild mushrooms, vegetables, wild herbs and spices, and use of flowers in cooking
- Heavy use of spicy peppers and prickly ash, a lot of sour flavours as well as sweet ones
- Huge influence from the 25 ethnic minorities that live in Yunnan
- Almost 40% of the population are of an ethnic minority
- Major influence from the foods of the surrounding countries, including Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia


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Thanks again for the wonderful comments. Keep them coming! I love to hear your opinions...especially that you like to learn about the lives of our locals here in KMG. It's true that there are other reasons for this woman to chose this business, and as foreigners we look at the bigger picture of things do not take everything at face value!

Thanks for the wonderful comments and keeping a positive spin on things! Check out "Exploring Kunming Bread: Guandu Baba" if you want more of the same. I'm currently researching/writing an article about my local Library Lady, who owns a private English and Chinese Children's Library. Regards, Roz


Education is required here. There are many things they can do to clean the public toilets up and keep them clean. Top of the list is that workers must be trained to:
1) stop using toilet water to clean the floors
2) use disinfectant solutions to clean
3) install washroom basins for the sole purpose of washing out mops and pails, and storing cleaning solutions
4) stop using the Western toilet stalls for storage of mops and the Western toilets to clean the mops, and keep them fully operational for seniors and handicapped person or others who aren't able to squat



Yes, it's a hassle for me to go a long way, but the hassle is worth it. The range of foreign products far surpasses any other supermarket/big box store/or whatever you want to call them. And in comparision to the first time I shopped there 2 years ago, I feel the whole store has improved.

If you compare the variety and the store brand products to the drivvel at the other big supermarkets, there is absolutely no comparison.

My list of real foreign quality products is endless and includes:
- beautiful fresh salmon
- tacos
- lovely baked goods
- fine quality white sugar
- flour - all purpose and for bread
- spices
- a huge variety of spices
- olives
- all the pasta making seasonings and sauces you could want
- frozen puff pastry
- a fantastic selection of dairy products inc. Cream Cheese, Mozzarella, Cottage Cheese, Cheddars, Brie and Camembert, whipping cream - all priced fairly and not overpriced.
- popping corn without the bugs
- the Horeca brand of everything is superb, including olive oil, dish soap, at competitive prices
- etc, etc, etc

Face it, we are in no man's land here in KM so a little bit of inconvenience for all these great products is a god-send.


Good tour company, lovely rates. I''m going to give it a try.
Regards, Roz