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Forums > Living in Kunming > What's it going to be like?

Hi. XuQiu19. First. You WILL be stared at just because you are black. If you have a unique hairstyle such as dreads or extensions, they will want to touch your hair. My wife is chinese and I'm an American from New York. I asked her about the 'black thing' and she said that chinese consider the white skin to be more beautiful than the black skin and that is why they spend tons of money on cosmetics for whitiing skin. A lot of the negative viewpoint comes directly from the movies from the west. The 'gangster rap' and 'thug movies', etc. Chinese people think black people are lazy (not all of course). What you have in your favor is that you are a girl/lady/woman. You will be just fine. In Kunming, the life is easygoing and Chinese people like to look and stare at things they are not familiar with. You will get use to it (more or less) as time goes on. Welcome to Kunming. It will be alright. My dream was to come to China and I have no regrets! Enjoy!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Beware US Consulate Chengdu

JJ, Wow! You are an amazing guy! I have been reading your post here and I really admire what you are doing. My wife is chinese and I always thought it would easy to take her back to the states just to visit not stay. After reading what you have been through, I think that I will have to wait a lifetime for this to happen. I hope that things will change not only in your favor but for all who try to 'do the right thing'. Good Luck!

Forums > Living in Kunming > "Yellow Fever" in Kunming

I think that is very offensive. You sound pretty bitter judging from your other post. You know that what you are saying is inflammatory. If you are really unhappy here (in China), why don't you go to another place that fits what you are looking for.

P.S. Change your user name while you are at it.


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