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Forums > Living in Kunming > Non-smoking bar or dance club WANTED

@TICExpats I hope you never wind up in the very thing you want China to be China. We are not saying we don't love China. We are saying that specifically that no smoking is allowed in any bus for the common sense of it. You obviously don't understand foreigners. If you are a foreigner then shame on you. Maybe this issue is way over your head.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Non-smoking bar or dance club WANTED

The bus driver knows he is prohibited from smoking on the bus and so does everybody else (the signs are posted clearly on every bus). Same goes with drinking and driving. You don't care about this until because of their actions an accident occurs and you or someone you love is hurt or killed. Bus drivers have been video taped reading newspapers while driving, listening to music via headphones thus putting the passengers at risk. When I'm on the bus, the last thing I want to worry about is whether the bus driver is drunk, high or distracted. When you chose to be a bus driver, you hold the safety of the passengers in your hands. In all fairness, there has been many bus drivers giving there life for the safety of the passengers. I've seen many videos of bus drivers being abuse by the passengers. Being a bus driver is a stressful job and my hats goes of to them but smoking, drinking or reading is simply not exceptable.


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You have valid points. Everything is about 'likes' & 'followers' and 'clickbaits'. Not to go off on your point but I remember when T.V. series had killer 'theme' songs. These new T.V. series only have a 5-10 seconds intro. This is all due to the attention span of this generation or lack thereof.