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Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreign children born in China and visas

Now that I have the whole story(basically). NO YOU COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE PREPARE. I'm amaze you survived your situation in a foreign land. Abusive partners first isolate your friends and family. That is how they control you. Putting fear in you and your children is another tactic they use. I thought he was a supportive 'husband/partner'. That makes ALL the difference. I've known many women like you, in your previous situation. There are many

shows and movies when women that were in your situation and the result usually turns out very bad. It time to start anew. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. That is all you can do. Glad to hear that your children give you strength to carry on. Things will work out. At least in the States you can get social services assistance. Good Luck!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreign children born in China and visas

That a fair question especially if you are in a foreign country that doesn't provide any social services to foreigners much less its citizen(so little).


No one is kicking anyone while they are down. It's a question I too asked myself but didn't post. The children are already here. The situation is what it is. @Dolphin wasn't bullying anyone. Stop being so PC.
The one important factor is that her husband died which I'm sure was a great contributing factor in her decision to finally go back. When her husband was alive, I'm sure that things were okay enough. There was a support system. In hind sight having that many children, they should have had life insurance (don't know if they did or not). It's all should've,could've,would've which does nothing for the current state of affairs. These are lessons in life. If I could do things differently, I wouldn't have come to mainland China. Maybe Hong Kong, Taiwan. But as I said, should've, could've, would've is spill milk. Nothing you can do. I have faith that everything will work out.


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