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JJ, Wow! You are an amazing guy! I have been reading your post here and I really admire what you are doing. My wife is chinese and I always thought it would easy to take her back to the states just to visit not stay. After reading what you have been through, I think that I will have to wait a lifetime for this to happen. I hope that things will change not only in your favor but for all who try to 'do the right thing'. Good Luck!

Forums > Living in Kunming > "Yellow Fever" in Kunming

I think that is very offensive. You sound pretty bitter judging from your other post. You know that what you are saying is inflammatory. If you are really unhappy here (in China), why don't you go to another place that fits what you are looking for.

P.S. Change your user name while you are at it.


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You have valid points. Everything is about 'likes' & 'followers' and 'clickbaits'. Not to go off on your point but I remember when T.V. series had killer 'theme' songs. These new T.V. series only have a 5-10 seconds intro. This is all due to the attention span of this generation or lack thereof.