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There is anxiety all around. It's always the regular folks that will face the wrath of the political upheaval that goes on. I hope it works out for you and the rest of us who have called China home all these years.

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She wrote:"We’ll be traveling there next year for our wedding and possibly purchase a house there but I’m curious if there are any teaching opportunities in the city."

Who knows what will happen this year much less next year.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa-Overstay Amnesty

That really sucks! This really creates a lot of stress. They don't get you a good and fair solution. It's a big F*** you! Hope it works out for you and your wife.


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Who cares? The government doesn't. Everytime I see a car wreck I actualy crack a smile because I'm sick and tired of those son's of B%$*#$ thinking that they own the road. And I know it was there own fault for driving without thinking of the consequences.