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Forums > Living in Kunming > Keep Calm and Carry on

People just can't stay locked up in their house.

In about 3-4 days they will go out and think that just wearing a face mask is okay not realizing that the virus can enter through the the eyes.

I've seen many citizens not even wear gloves.

Soon people won't be on guard and that's is where the danger lies. No need to panic just be vigilant.

Forums > Living in Kunming > New Coronavirus

It won't be possible to contain this virus easily because it mimic the common cold or the flu. People habits takes a lot of time to change. Just this morning I was walking my dog and this woman kept spitting phlegm on the street. Yuk!


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My point was that the structure themselves are so massive that there are wasted. There will be many empty offices and apartments. I live in the North and rarely go to Dong Feng Square anymore. Here in the north they are building a mall too. They have a Walmart, train station, McD's and many dress shops that have little to no traffic. When the mall opens this or next year it will be empty like most mall I've been to.

You have valid points. Everything is about 'likes' & 'followers' and 'clickbaits'. Not to go off on your point but I remember when T.V. series had killer 'theme' songs. These new T.V. series only have a 5-10 seconds intro. This is all due to the attention span of this generation or lack thereof.